Monday, July 5, 2010

Live Listing Improvements

Three months ago, we implemented a feature letting you compare current listings across eBay, Amazon and Half from a single page. For those looking to buy a game right now, it helps you find the best price without wading through individual listings spread across three separate sites.

As we've been eating our own dog food, we found a couple rough edges that we've now polished up.

Ten is Too Many

We originally showed the 10 lowest-priced listings for each condition. That turned out to be too many. Beyond the 4th or 5th, most listings were overpriced. Now we only show the top 5 listings for each condition. This also lets you see more conditions in your browser window without scrolling.

Auctions Appreciate Slowly

Many eBay sellers start their listings at $1 and each auction lasts for a few days. During the early days of the auction, the price is substantially lower than the final closing price will be. Comparing auctions with 24 hours remaining to those with 2 hours remaining artificially favors the longer-duration auction. That's not helpful, so we've adjusted the comparison algorithm to account for that. The eBay price you see should more closely reflect what you'll actually pay.

We'll continue to make refinements and try to make the site more useful. If you have any ideas for enhancements or changes that would make the site better for you, let us know in the comments below.


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