Friday, July 23, 2010

How One Game Collector Uses VGPC to Make Money and Add To Their Collection

Video Game CollectionOne of our readers contacted us to say that VideoGamePriceCharts helped them get back into game collecting and make some money while they did it. We decided to share his story with everyone so you can use some of the same tools for your collecting and maybe help make some extra money you can use to buy more games.

First a little background on the collector. His name is Rob and he lives in Canada. He was born in 1982 and has been a collector since he received Atari 7800. Unfortunately he had to sell off his extensive collection of NES, SNES, Atari, N64, and PS1 games seven years ago for financial reasons.

In March 2009, Rob started checking out (now called Ebay Classified in the USA) for video games and other items. One day he found a listing in a nearby city that said it was for a "fairly big lot of games, systems, and accessories" and offered $300 for the items. The seller said that had "tons" of games and wanted more like $2,500 and included a partial list of some of the best items.

Rob didn't know how much to offer for the items so he searched Google for "video game values" and found He scanned the PS1, NES, N64, and SNES price lists and saw that the games were worth at least $3,500 to $4,000! Rob then negotiated with the seller for a couple of weeks and settled on the price of $1,700 for all the video games.

In one fell swoop Rob had a video game collection back. He keep many of the games for the collection but also sold ones he didn't want or could get a really good price for. Now he checks online sites like kijiji and craiglists daily, looks in the newspaper, goes to garage sales, and shops at a flea market every Sunday so he can add new games to his collection. He says "many items I buy to add to my collection, but many I purchase strictly because its a great buy and I know the resale value". Rob says the "money is just a bonus, but its fully a fun hobby I enjoy doing. I enjoy the search, I enjoy bargaining, talking games, etc.."

I think its a great hobby if it can partially fund itself by reselling some items and keeping others.

Below are some photos of the items Rob got in this lot and a list of everything he bought:

-25 NES Systems (3 in original box)
-16 SNES Systems (3 in original box)
-10 N64 Systems
-3 Colecovision systems
-14 Sega Genesis Systems
-3 Sega Master Systems
-2 Sega Game Gear
-5 Gameboy Color
-2 Gamboy Original
-1 Sega CD System
-8 32X Units
-1 PONG Telstars made by Colecovision
-6 Playstation systems (1 new ps1 style)


All consoles are complete with hookups and controllers.

- 119 SNES Game Cartridges
- 28 SNES Complete In Box Games (1 sealed)
- 117 Sega Genesis Games (most of them complete in box)
- 163 NES Game Cartridges
- 22 NES Games with Instructions
- 33 NES Games Complete In Box
- 24 Sega Game Gear Games (1 sealed in box, 1 complete in box)
- 32 Gameboy and Gameboy Color games.
- 21 Sega Master System Games (most complete in box)
- 2 Sega CD Games
- 2 Sega 32X Games
- 58 N64 Games
- 40 PS1 Games
- 42 Colecovision Games (1 sealed in box)


- Aura Interactor (sealed)
- box full of nes controllers
- box full of snes controllers
- 14 nes Zapper's
- 2 Sega master system Phaser's
- 1 pair 3d glasses for master system
- 2 super gameboys
- 3 super scopes with sensors (snes)
- 2 R.O.B the robots (nes)
- Lethal enforcers fun (snes)
- mouse for mario paint
- 93 nintendo power magazines from January 1991 to August 2004
- Nintendo official players guides for: Final Fantasy 3,Gameboy,Mario mania, SNES,secret passwords,Paper Mario, Super Gameboy
- Sega Official players guide for sonic 1 and 2
- 2 colecovision steering wheels


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