Saturday, July 24, 2010

Server Upgrade

VGPC was down for about 40 minutes tonight while we upgraded our database server. All the historic price data was pushing the old instance to its limit. Everything's back to normal now with a shiny new server with 50% more storage.

For those that are curious, we currently have about 64 million price points including 8.5 million sales records. We add about 96,000 new price points and/or sales each day.


Christopher said...

Out of interest, what are you running on? I'm hoping ye olde shared hosting will be enough for my own site for a while :)

mndrix said...

Hi Christopher. We use We currently have one 512 plan for the web frontend and a 1024 plan for the database backend and all the bots. I highly recommend Linode. They're a great outfit to work with.

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