Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playstation 3 Eyes-On 3D Games

3D is certainly the go-to catch phrase in the video game industry these days. Avatar, (the highest grossing movie ever) was released, Nintendo just announced a Nintendo 3DS, and Sony announced that pretty much every first party game coming out this year would be 3D enabled.

We all know how these games play, as they are all pretty much sequels, so we'll skip the gameplay. The real question is, how do these games look?

I played two of the 3D enabled PS3 games on the show floor today and I can say they are currently shooting 50/50. When I played Motorstorm: Apocalypse, I tried it on 2 occasions, it seemed almost too hectic. I'd like to think I can handle a fast paced game and properly follow the action, but this was just a little too much.

Motorstorm, as a game, just had too much going on in the environments for my head to comprehend what was going on. I literally started feeling a little woozy after only 2 races.

Killzone on the other hand was a beautiful game in 3D. Motorstorm is a fine looking game too, but Killzone really made the 3D effects come to life. I think the game was far less crowded and far more polished. So at least Killzone gives me hope for a positive future for Motorstorm, and other PS3D games.

So all in all, 3D can work on the PS3, and it can work really well. The key is that it has to be done right. If you have the funds to afford a 3D capable TV, 3D glasses, a PS3, and any of the games that allow it that is.

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Anonymous said...

seems like way too niche and too much of an investment for most of the population.

Travis Hendricks said...

Funny you say that because the Sony guy mentioned that himself, with a funny little smirk on his face.

Sony is desperately struggling to find something to differentiate itself from Nintendo and Microsoft and 3D is a great way to do it. Too bad it's no where near mainstream yet. By the time it is mainstream Sony should have it pretty well polished though.

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