Thursday, January 12, 2012

Go To E3 and Write For Us

E3, the biggest video game convention in the USA, is right around the corner - June 5-7. The show is huge. There are so many new games, new consoles, and new hardware announcements that we need some help to cover it all. The show is open to industry insiders only so not just anyone can attend.

We're offering a pass to E3 to one of our readers so you can help us write about E3 this year.

Here's how it works:
1. Join our forum and comment on threads or start your own thread
2. We will look at people's writing style and creative ideas for threads to decide who is the best writer and would do the best job covering E3.
3. We will announce our choice March 1st 2012

Other Details
  • To be eligible you must be 18 or older. E3 doesn't allow people under 18 to attend.
  • PriceCharting is a fairly small site. We can't afford to pay your way. The writer will have to pay for their own flights and hotel. You might be able to stay with us at our hotel to save money.
  • The person we choose will need to write at least two articles every day about games or consoles they played at E3

Potential Big Announcements at E3 2012 to Get You Excited:
  • Nintendo showing Wii U (confirmed)
  • Microsoft showing Xbox 360 successor (rumored)
  • Sony showing PS3 successor (rumored)
  • Final Fantasy XV (rumored)
  • Half Life 3 (rumored)

This is a great chance for you to attend the "Super Bowl of gaming" and maybe break into the world of video game writing. Join the forum today and show off your writing ability.


JJ Hendricks said...

I have contacted the member we have chosen for this. Thank you to everyone for all your great comments and articles.

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