Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unit Sales by Day of the Week: Video Games vs DVDs

During the holiday season video games and movies are popular gifts. During November and December almost 110,000 video games and 93,000 movies (DVD & BluRay only) sell per week on eBay.

Some days are bigger sales days than others and it is different for movies and games. Below are charts showing the average unit sales per day for video games and movies:

For both movies and video games Wednesday and Thursday have the fewest sales. Sunday is the biggest sales day by a large margin, with 40-45% more sales per day than the slowest day.

Besides Sunday, Tuesday is the biggest unit sales day for DVDs but Monday is the next biggest for video games.

Unit Sales by Day of the Week: Video Games vs DVDs
The chart above compares the average unit sales by day of the week for movies and video games so you can better see the differences.

If your selling a game or movie on eBay with a fixed price, you are much more likely to sell it on a Sunday than any other day of the week. But the prices are usually higher on Wednesdays so if your choosing when to list an auction, ending it on a Wednesday might be a good idea. There will be less competition and usually a higher price.


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Nowadays Video games are very popular one. And Comparing to DVD video games is popular in nowadays world.

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