Monday, January 2, 2012

15 Rare Wii Games | Most Expensive Wii Games

Rare Wii Games

There are some rare Wii games that are hard to find in the "wild" and sell for a premium to their original retail price. Below is a list of the Wii's rarest and most expensive titles.

The list is ranked by average sales price per game in new condition.

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15 Rare Wii Games

One Piece Unlimited Adventure

Rare Wii GamesNew Price: $150 Used Price: $61
One Piece Unlimited Adventure is an adventure game based on the One Piece anime from Shonen Jump in Japan. Bandai published the game in the USA at the same time the new One Piece series was airing on Cartoon Network.

The game sold poorly and was the last One Piece game released in the USA (as of Jan. 2012). The sequel One Piece: Unlimited Cruise was released in Japan, Europe, and Australia but never in the USA. Because of the poor sales the game is hard to find at any stores and fans of the anime keep the price of the game very high.

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Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Expensive Wii GamesNew Price: $130 Used Price: $49
Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is a fighting game with the Dragon Ball Z anime characters. The first two games in the Budokai Tenkaichi series were released on the PS2. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 was released on the PS2 and Wii, but the Wii version is much more expensive.

Tenkaichi 3 was published by Atari but all new Dragon Ball Z games are published by Bandai. This complicates any plans to republish the game. More than likely the game will not be republished and it will stay rare and expensive.

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F1 2009

Rare Wii GamesNew Price: $128 Used Price: $46
In 2009 the Wii received an F1 series racing game from Codemasters. They never confirmed if it was poor sales of the Wii version or the lower graphical abilities, but the 2010 and 2011 versions bypassed the Wii and released on 360, PS3, and PC only.

With the high prices for sealed copies of F1 2009, the best bet is the game didn't sell very well and is hard to find. Formula 1 fans help keep prices high because this is their only chance to race through an F1 season on the Wii.

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Fritz Chess

Rare Wii GamesNew Price: $110 Used Price: $60
Fritz Chess is a chess game released by Deep Silver in 2009. The game is based upon a German chess program that teaches kids how to play chess and also allows players the ability to get a chess point rating by playing against the computer.

The game was originally sold at a budget price of $29.99 but now sells for $110 when brand new. Deep Silver is rumored to have only released the game in select markets in the US as a limited release. The exact number of units produced isn't available, but is very small.

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Metroid Prime Trilogy

Valuable Wii GamesNew Price: $95 Used Price: $65
Metroid Prime Trilogy includes Metroid Prime 1, 2, and 3 in one collectible metal case. The first two games were originally released on Gamecube but the Trilogy versions changed the controls to match Metroid 3's Wii motion style controls.

The game was published in August 2009 as a collector's edition and true to the name within 6 months Nintendo had discontinued the game. Prices have steadily increased since this announcement in January 2010.

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My Horse & Me: Riding for Gold

Valuable Wii GamesNew Price: $70 Used Price: $55
In 2007 Atari announced a licensing agreement with the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) to make realistic horse video games. You get to groom your horse, ride it, take it to the vet, and compete in shows. In 2009 Atari released the last of these games for the Wii, My Horse & Me: Riding for Gold.

Atari stopped publishing the game in the USA though it is still published by Bandai Namco in Europe. Atari doesn't even acknowledge the games existence on their website anymore so it is unlikely to republished by them.

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Walk It Out

Expensive Wii GamesNew Price: $60 Used Price: $48
An exercise game that is compatible with the Wii Balance Board and Wii DanceDance Revolution dance mat. You walk in place to the beat of different songs and your avatar on screen walks through different locations and sceneries.

The game is no longer available at any major retailers because it was discontinued by Konami. Prices jumped in December and early January of 2012. Demand might be driven by weight loss and exercise New Year's resolutions so the price spike might only be temporary.

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Godzilla Unleashed

Most Expensive Wii GamesNew Price: $55 Used Price: $32
Godzilla Unleashed allows you to destroy cities with Godzilla and other monsters. It also includes party modes for multiplayer.

The game originally released for $50 and resale prices quickly dropped in the first several months. But in early 2010 prices started increasing again and the game now sells for more than the original MSRP when brand new. The game was published by Atari, which like Dragon Ball Z and My Horse and Me, might help explain the increase in price.

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Dokapon Kingdom

Rare Wii GamesNew Price: $50 Used Price: $32
Dokapon Kingdom is a board game and role-playing game in one. It is similar to Mario Party games with a board and random dice rolls, but with very deep RPG elements and strategy built in too.

The game is published by Atlus and Atlus is known for printing limited quantities of their games and for games that keep their value over time. Dokapon is no exception. The game is fairly difficult to find brand new so it continues to sell for the original retail price nearly three years after release and prices continue to go up.

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Kororinpa Marble Mania

Wii PricesNew Price: $50 Used Price: $16
Kororinpa is a marble rolling maze game similar to Marble Madness for NES or Super Monkey Ball. You tilt the Wii remote to get the ball to roll through the maze and reach the goal.

The game is fairly easy to find in used condition, but is no longer available brand new. The publisher, Hudson, closed in 2011 and was purchased by Konami later that year. Konami has canceled all Hudson projects and most likely will not reprint Kororinpa.

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Skylanders Spyro's Adventure

Wii PricesNew Price: $49 Used Price: $45
Skylanders Spyro's Adventure is a new Spyro game released on all consoles. The game comes with figurines that you can import into your game to play with. Activision sells other action figures separately in hopes that people will buy the game and then buy and collect the action figures too.

The high price is due to higher demand than Activision predicted during the 2011 holiday season. They will most likely continue production and supply will catch back up with demand and the price will drop.

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Hasbro Family Game Night Fun Pack

Wii PricesNew Price: $48 Used Price: $40
Hasbro Family Game Night Fun Pack is a compilation of the board games included in Family Game Night 2 and 3. It includes games like Life, Operation, Jenga, Twister, and more.

This two game collection released in the beginning of November 2011 for $50. The game has continued to sell at the same price for the last two months, but more than likely EA will continue production and the price will drop in the future.
See Most Recent Price & Historic Prices

Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition

Wii PricesNew Price: $45 Used Price: $39
For Mario's 25th Anniversary Nintendo released a "limited edition" Mario collection with Super Mario Bros 1, 2, 3 and the Lost Levels. It was originally released in December 2010 with very limited quantities and for a short time the game was selling for $90-100 in brand new condition, which is nearly triple the original MSRP of $29.99.

In March 2011 Nintendo announced they were reprinting Mario and prices quickly dropped down to $30 with the larger supply. After the second shipment sold out prices have started increasing again. If Nintendo refrains from printing a third time, Mario All-Stars will probably continue to climb this list.

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Beyblade: Metal Fusion Battle Fortress

Wii PricesNew Price: $45 Used Price: $36
Beyblade: Metal Fusion Battle Fortress follows a game specific story with characters from the animated series. You battle your customized beyblades to try to become the World Champion and can also battle against your friends.

This is another Wii game released by Hudson. Like Kororinpa, Beyblade will probably never get a reprinting. It will probably keep these high prices in the future and might even get more expensive when the original supply runs out.

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Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Wii PricesNew Price: $43 Used Price: $40
Kirby's Return to Dream Land was released in October 2011 and is a brand new story with Wii remote style controls. The game is similar to other Kirby platformers with skill copying abilities and also includes up to 4-player co-op.

The game was only released four months ago, but it has kept its value very well during this time period instead of quickly dropping in price like most other games do. If Nintendo pulls a Metroid Prime Trilogy and discontinues Kirby it might be able to keep these high prices in the years to come.

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Sudoku Ball Detective

Wii PricesNew Price: $NA Used Price: $37
Sudoku Ball Detective is a Sudoku puzzle game wrapped around a sphere. Each sphere has six different Sudoku's on it and you use the Wii remote to rotate the sphere and solve the puzzles.

Sudoku Ball Detective is very elusive and its very existence has been questioned. The Sudoku Ball website claims the game was released for the Wii and the developers confirmed in an interview that the game was released. More importantly the game did sell on eBay one time for $37 used. The current new price is unknown but would be quite a bit higher.

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Anonymous said...

Why did you post this on N4G? Nothing is spectacular about these prices and you are just lying cuz I found Tenkaichi 3 for 25 euros NEW on ebay just by a quick look on Ebay.

Anonymous said...

I found metroid prime trilogy 10€ in a bargain bin..

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Prices in Europe vs prices in the USA can be very different. This list is based upon prices for the NTSC versions of the games.

Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 might still be in production in Europe, but in the USA it is quite rare. Here are the last three auctions for the game in new condition:




Anonymous said...

Don't forget Fritz Chess! Equal rarity or rarer then one piece unlimited adventure for sure...

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Thanks for the heads up on Fritz Chess. Can't believe I missed that one in the initial write-up. I will edit the article right now with that game included.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Skylanders Spyro's Adventure, Hasbro Family Game Night Fun Pack, Beyblade: Metal Fusion Battle Fortress, and Kirby's Return to Dream Land are listed makes the list all the less credible.

They are by no means "rare games", just sold at or close to its MSRP price. If you consider them expensive, you might as well throw in Skyward Sword or any 49.99 MSRP Wii game.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - I can appreciate what you are saying about not including recent releases but the games that I did include have kept their high new prices on resale. So the average joe who sells it brand new on ebay or amazon will still get a high price for those games when generally a game's new price will drop pretty quickly.

Right now those games are relatively hard to find compared to other brand new games. As I stated in the article though, I wouldn't be surprised if all of those games dropped off the list in the near future as the supply catches up with demand.

Anonymous said...

Apologies, but I couldn't figure out how to login before to comment from my VGPC account, (this is miro69 btw).

I appreciate the list you put forth, but from the title, I expected a list of games that were rare & expensive. While most of them do qualify, the four that I mentioned earlier hardly do. I can understand what you're saying that the average person would get more for those games, but I feel as if the titles shouldn't qualify for this particular list.

It goes without saying, that the used market and New market are entirely different. In some cases, people are willing to pay 5x more for a new game than a used one. I realize that the majority of the people on this website deal with used games, and that's what this article seems to particularly cater to, but I think it's worth noting that New games should be considered as well.

ie. A used copy of Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii is probably 20-25$ used, but new copies go for $70-$80.

In fact, most Out-of-print wii games (new ones) fetch for quite a lot.

-Jurassic the Hunted Wii - (lowest 60 on amazon, none on ebay)
-Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix Wii - (lowest 78 on amazon, 70 on ebay)

The titles I listed have become pretty rare and expensive, even if their used prices say otherwise. Just some food for thought.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - thanks for your feedback as always. I will take into account what you are saying when I update the article in a few months. More than likely the games you are mentioning will drop off and some other OOP Wii games will take their place.

I will try to exclude games that are new releases unless they are actually selling for more than the original MSRP.

Anonymous said...

What about Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse? I know you can find it online, but it's a pretty rare game to find in stores. It was only released in Japan. I know it sells for $99.95 used on eCrater. I imagine it's a lot more brand new.

Anonymous said...

i came across metroid prime triliogy on the wii for 50 $ but i didn't get it cause i got the orignals

Anonymous said...

I have both one piece and the metroid prime trilogy. The one piece game is horrible

Anonymous said...

what about "Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn" that game is hard to find in Canada tried every EB Games in my area but i was able to find a used copy

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn is definitely one of the more expensive Wii Games now. It sells for $38 used and almost $70 brand new.

When I wrote the article it wasn't quite as expensive but I will definitely include it in any updates to the article.

Spencer said...

Hi JJ, Would you like Pictures for the F1 2009 Deluxe box? It comes with it's own unique steering wheel and in packaging similar to ''Mario Kart Wii'' . I also notice (from ebay sales/postings) that it may be a Canadian EBGames/Gamestop exclusive. Just let me know where to send em if you'd like some nice pics of the set for reference on this guide :D

JJ Hendricks said...

@Spencer - I would love a photo of the F1 2009 Deluxe Box. If you can take it with a solid color background I will edit it a bit so the picture is just the game. You can email it to the address on the "contact us" link in the footer.

Spencer said...

Hey, its on the site! Thats so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Little surprised that Xenoblade Chronicles wasn't on here for the US. Very hard to find when it was released and doesn't look like a large quantity were made for the US.

Quick look on Amazon shows a new copy at $65+ and a used copy goes for $55+ (this is on a game that retailed for $50 and just came to the US in April of 2012)

Anonymous said...

Love the site. It is a great reference. Most of these games are available in canadaian eb games for very low prices IF you can find them. I picked up dragon ball z today for 15, and resold it for 80 later in the day. Would you mind updating the prices and game lists please? I expert on gamecube and wii games so those 2 lists, when you find the time, really need an update. For example, skylanders is in no way worth that much. I live in Canada and these prices are very different as well, so a canadian list would be a great help. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Also, i feel an Ngage list would be very beneficial, I cant find those prices anywhere. I also think a list of rarest video game consoles would be helpful, as I am trying to round out my collectopn. If you need to contact me my email is

Anonymous said...

i don't think Kirby's RTDL is that rare... but if it DOES get discontinued than I guess I will have a mimimal collectors item on my hands. Nintendo shouldn't discontinue it though, the game is amazing.

740buckeyehunter said...

Sodoku Ball was NEVER released for the Wii. I contacted them through the website, and they confirmed this.

Anonymous said...

what about calling? the cheapest price i found on ebay and amazon (new and both ntsc and pal) was 57 us $ on ebay and 139 us$ on amazon.

ben said...

grea list! my cousin ons beyblade, so i might "borrow" it!

ben said...

what about dt carnage?

gayjay34 said...

is xenoblade chronicles on wii a rare game as im selling mine on ebay and it's going for more than i paid for it

JJ Hendricks said...

@gayjay34 - Yes, Xenoblade Chronicles is quite valuable now. It was only released at Gamestop and apparently in limited quantities.

The game sells for $90+ now in used condition and $100+ when brand new.

FokinRG said...

Sudoku Ball Detective has been sold on Ebay for 7.99 a few times, used. It seems it was released on Europe only. A NEW copy is on auction for 39.99.

I'm schocked with Xenoblade, that's pretty expensive... 90$ for an used game.

And Acent Core X plus or something like that it's quite rare, same goes for Ju On and Calling for wii.

Charlie Hendricks said...

I've been trying to find F1 2009 since my son used it as a plate. My husband is tweaked off. Is it really that rare?

Benjamin Pund said...

hi! also, i am happy my first sale was to JJ.
(his pricecharting ebay account)
anyway, it was the first ever sale of the game,
which ended up selling for $14.99 sale price + $2.58 shipping. :(
anyway, JJ also forgot to leave feedback.
JJ please leave feedback!

Benjamin Pfund said...

oops. my last name says Pund.
it is Pfund.

JJ Hendricks said...

Benjamin - Thank you for selling that game and reminding me to leave feedback. I did so right now.

Welcome to the site. I hope you will stick around and use it in the future.

Benjamin Pfund said...

@JJ Hendricks
thanks for leaving positive feedback!
actually, i have been using this site for a while now! :)

Anonymous said...

Wii Archives: Resident Evil apparently sells for $100 on eBay, but at Frys I've seen copies for $20 bucks brand new. I'm almost positive I've seen the Metroid game at Frys for $30 as well.

Unknown said...

What about fire emblem radiant dawn. It was developed by intelligent systems, the same people who made paper Mario. The FE series always has limited quanties in the U.S. fire emblem radiant dawn can easily run 70 bucks complete

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I only have one game on this list....Godzilla and might i say i loved playing it

Anonymous said...

Another interestingly cheap but rare Wii game is "Maximum Racing: Crash Car Racer". Only 1 for sale currently on Amazon and 1 on Ebay.

Anonymous said...

Hey JJ, what about The Incredible Hulk? Check this for yourself...

PBR Light said...

The rare Wii game speculation is great now that the system is winding down. I've noticed Oregon Trail, Exerbeat, and NewU Mind Body Yoga & Pilates Workout are quite pricey at the moment. There are 10 of Oregon on ebay right now and 5 of exerbeat but only two of NewU. Interesting how these exercise games ,like Walk it Out become rare. Is it demand from collectors or Wii exercise enthusiasts?

PBR Light said...

I would also consider GTI Club Supermini Festa quite rare as there is only one US copy on ebay at the moment. It's still pretty cheap based on previous sales

PBR Light said...

I stand corrected on GTI Club Supermini Festa. There appears to be a number for sale on Amazon. I may be confusing unpopular with rare

JJ Hendricks said...

@PBR Light - Often rare and unpopular games are the same thing. There are lots of rare games that are quite cheap because nobody wanted them when they first came out and nobody wants them now either.

For a game to be valuable it needs to be rare AND popular. If nobody wants to buy it there could be 100 copies in existence and it could sell for $5.

The Wii has lots of "rare" titles that were shovel ware, but they will probably never become valuable because nobody wants them.

Anonymous said...

I live in Canada, and Radiant Dawn and Tales of symphonia: Dawn of the New world are almost impossible to get instores. -.-

Kevin Rustill said...

@740buckeyehunter - SUDOKU BALL DETECTIVE was released for the Wii (in Europe at least) - check on ebay - normally goes for around £10-£20.

Anonymous said...

I might be beating a dead horse here, but Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn prices have spiked in 2013 in the US. With prices for a new copy of the game reaching over $100, it definitely deserves to be on this list (I admit some bias; I love this game and I am glad I got it before this pricey mayhem)

Anonymous said...

What about surface on the wii that game is pretty rare the only place I've seen it sold on is amazon i paid $35.00 dollars for it on amazon pretty sweet deal it was brand new still sealed

Anonymous said...

Wow, is this list ever going to be properly updated?

Anonymous said...

Game Stop has Dokapon Kingdom in stock for $24.99 right now on their website, get them while they are hot.

PBR Light said...

What is story with Dokapon Kingdom? How many times has it been reprinted? Are there any differences in the different prints?

Anonymous said...

Dokapon has been reprinted multiple times. The original release featured a disc that was mainly 1 color (blue). The first reprint I know of was a little over a year ago and comes complete with everything but the disc has full color. The second reprint that just occurred appears to be disc only sold through GameStop, though it's too early to confirm if they are all disc only. Not sure what this will do to the prices but if the artwork and manuals weren't reprinted, or were destroyed, it would make it much harder to find complete copies vs the disc only....Luckily I have my complete copy put up. Feel sorry for the collectors who paid $100+ for this just to see it reprinted. Atlus tends to do that frequently and I'm waiting for it to occur with Rule of Rose (Which I also own complete/mint).

JJ said...

@anonymous - Thanks for the reprint info on Dokapon Kingdom. The chart on Dokapon shows the results of the reprint at the end of 2012.

The price drops substantially. Interesting how it increased again so quickly.

I expect the loose prices will drop again after this 2nd reprinting.

Rule of Rose will almost definitely be reprinted. Atlus has a long history of doing so. Unless you have a limited edition version of their games, count on it being reprinted if it ever becomes valuable.

PBR Light said...

Watch for American Mensa Academy for the wii. I don't see it for sale very often on ebay and amazon does not have many copies either.

PBR Light said...

Watch for Reader Rabbit when at garage sales. They seem to be hard to find

Anonymous said...

@JJ-No problem on the reprint info. I think it's important to share that info so fellow collectors don't overspend on what was a rare game. Gamestop has been working with Publishers and doing a lot of reprints lately. Cave Story, Nier, Dokapon Kingdom, apparently some of the Mega Man DS and Dragon Quest DS games, and of course Metroid Prime Trilogy and Xenoblade. Xenoblade seems like the copies are drying up a little and with the New 3DS getting Xenoblade port I expect Nintendo won't reprint many more in the hopes of pushing the New 3DS.

Anyway, it's definitely something to keep an eye on as Gamestop has released statements that they plan to continue working with Publishers and releasing these types of reprints. A list to track them here, or somewhere, would be a huge benefit for all collectors.

@PBR Light-Agree both American Mensa Academy and Reader Rabbit appear to be getting tough to find. American Mensa Academy seems to be especially hard. Glad I got 3 of 4 Reader Rabbits and American Mensa Academy com

Unknown said...

I was lucky to get dragon ball z bt3 for $40 unopened I have an extra one that was used to play too once everything db is done with gonna sell for a huge profit

PBR Light said...

Looks like gamestop got a reprint of One Piece Unlimited adventure and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. They are available for order online and my local store had One Piece CIB but dragonball was game only

PBR Light said...

Has anyone seen "My Personal Swing Coach with David Leadbetter"? It looks expensive on Amazon.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

It looks like Fire Emblem and possibly some other Wii games have received reprints. Fire Emblem shows a 2014 copyright date on the back. I also believe there are others that we haven't noted in the comments here. An example is "Calling" by Hudson. It mysteriously is more widely available with new copies available under $60. PBR, or anyone else, have details on exactly what titles have been reprinted? As I mentioned above, I think it's important for the collecting community to note what titles have been reprinted.

PBR Light said...

I will watch for Calling. I have been tracking it but no copies have popped up at gamestop near me. I wonder how a reprint would work with Hudson now defuncy. Would there be another outlet for a reprint to be sold other than gamestop? Ju On: The Grudge would be another I put in the "likely to get a reprint"
Another interesting idea would be to track what wii games are not in the gamestop online search database. American Mensa Academy Wii, My Personal Swing Coach, and Harley Pasternaks Hollywood workout are three that I have noticed. I used gamestop to ship some of the harder to find titles to a store near me so I don't need to use eBay. Not having this option would make grabbing these titles a little bit more challenging

Unknown said...

I'm not sure these latest reprints are related to Gamestop. Fire Emblem with the 2014 date has been popping up on eBay and Amazon. I then noticed some new copies of Calling selling for lower than normal in New condition. I know my original copy of Fire Emblem does not have the 2014 date on the back in the copyright box and I'm wondering where these copies came from and what others are involved.

I'm unsure on Hudson games and it may be a coincidence but also something we should keep an eye on.

Teletrade said...

And the console is still new. Imagine the prices after 10 years.

LloydChristmas said...

I'm seeing a lot of calling near me and you can order it through too. My guess is reprint

Unknown said...

Yea, it's almost assuredly a reprint. Just a month or so ago there weren't many new copies available and now suddenly, there are many listings popping up on ebay and Amazon for around $40. With all these hard to find Wii games routinely being reprinted collectors definitely need to stay on their toes.

LloydChristmas said...

What do you think will be next? Ju-on: The Grudge is my guess

Anonymous said...

Arc rise fantasia also seems like another good candidate for reprint

LloydChristmas said...

I dont know if its possible to ever update this article, the publishing numbers on shovelware are hard to find and verify. Removing "rarity" from the article title and just focusing on price would seem to be the best approach, with a small mention of estimated rarity

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