Monday, January 13, 2014

EarthBound Air Freshner Sells for $304.00

Well in the never ending circus that is people paying absurd amounts for EarthBound merchandise, we are blessed with this wonderful attraction, a Mach Pizza Air Freshner (still sealed), certificate of authenticity, and original envelope the whole thing came in from Nintendo. All this sold for $304 + $7.76 S&H.

I'm not gonna lie, this is an odd item with an equally odd history. You could only get this by ripping out and mailing one of the scratch and sniff cards in the back of the EarthBound Player's Guide that came bundled with the game in big box format. You were supposed to scratch the card, sniff it, and guess correctly what the mystery smell was. It was supposed to be "pizza" but it didn't matter what you wrote in because they sent the air freshener to everyone who mailed in. I managed to find some scans of the cards.

The air freshener smells like pizza and is based off the in-game pizza delivery service, Mach Pizza. It is really a cool, interesting item and I can't help but wonder how many of them are still floating around. I'm sure not many but keep checking eBay and be prepared to shell out around $300 if you want one. EarthBound items are a hot commodity right now and I will continue to report on what people are willing to pay for 20 year-old air fresheners.


Christopher said...

Did anyone ever do a scratch and sniff that *wasn't* meant to be pizza? For anything? Ever?

Unknown said...

I have one of these books and it still has 5 unscratched cards how much is it worth? Its like new also great condition

Unknown said...

I have the air freshener... it's still in the package. It has a slight tear in the top of the package. The package isn't in thr best shape but the air freshener itself is.

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