Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11 is Skylander's Day at GameStop!

Today is Skylander's day only at GameStop! Yay, I love Skylanders. I don't know why but it is probably the fact that it combines collecting, video games, and copious amounts of fun. I went ahead and posted the flyer for the event but there are also some additional bonuses that aren't advertised. 

Additional Discounts

50% off any Skylanders Accessories (Saturday, 1/11, only)

Trade Offers

30% extra trade-in credit towards Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Packs
50% off all Accessories! Woah, you could probably make a nice profit reselling some of the figures. Well, I may have been a little late with letting you all know but GameStop is open for another four hours so I better get a move on. Good luck and make sure to pick up all four mini Skylander figurines and don't worry, they are still available after today but you can only receive one after spending $30 on Skylanders merchandise.


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