Thursday, January 16, 2014

Luigi's Mansion Diorama Sells Out on Club Nintendo (and then is Quietly Unlisted)

I'm sure you've seen this around. Club Nintendo offered this special diorama for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (also known as Luigi's Mansion 2 in every other region) for 1500 coins. This is an expensive item as 1500 coins equals about $1,500 spent on brand new Nintendo games. Sadly, this was a hot item and a lot of people snapped them up and it sold out very quickly.

People quickly turned around and put them up on eBay. They seem to sell for around $150-$200 but I have seen a few go for over $300. The real twist is that, I don't think this item is going to be offered again. Unlike other sold out items like the colored 3DS XL Charging Cradles, the diorama has been unlisted from the the Club Nintendo rewards catalog. While it still can be found on site, it can only be reached through other links. This looks like it is going to be a rare item but I'm really sad that Club Nintendo items aren't more collectible. Game & Watch Collection 1 and 2 are both rare, mail-order only game released exclusively through Club Nintendo and they are both declining in price. I guess many collectors just haven't tuned into the fact that these are rare exclusives that are no longer available through Club Nintendo, just like the diorama. This stuff is rare and collectors should collect them!


Wickler said...

Do the items that have the "Sold Out" on them will make a comeback? I see the Zelda Poster set and I really want that but rather not keep coins around if it doesn't come back.

Anonymous said...

"This stuff is rare and collectors should collect them!"

This is a lame reason to collect things. I want games, not hunks of plaster shaped like video game characters. Collecting something just because it is rare is what lead to the comic book crash. Lets not repeat it with hyping limited edition collectibles and editions of games.

Unknown said...

So your a gamer? Not a collector? And you want games right? Not collectibles... if you really don't like collectibles, then dont buy them

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