Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Rarest/Only Easter Game

Ah, Easter, a time of rebirth, hope, and candy. I love the holiday. I love the spring air, the green grass, the rabbits in my yard, and my dog going insane at the sight of them. What better way to spend this day then to turtle up inside and shut out family, the outdoors, and life itself. Want to experience all the razzle-dazzle of the big day without the mess (and human interaction), then you should stay indoors and play Easter Bunny's Big Day on the PlayStation 1. Developed by Seven Computerized Generations (their only game) and published by Mastiff, LLC. (not their only game) on March 17th, 2003, EBBD takes us to the nadir of gaming experiences.

You don't even play as the Easter Bunny in this game.
You play as the Easter Bunny's robotic friend, Robo-Rabbit, on the primal quest to reclaim eggs for all the good boys and girls because according to legend, on Easter day, if you've been good since Christmas, a rabbit will give you eggs. This is how Easter works, right? The in-game way of helping the Easter Bunny acquire said eggs is to put together simple puzzles, catch falling eggs, play matching minigames, and put together more simple puzzles. This game is so mundane it is art. The beautiful MIDI quality music, the top-notch 3D renders ala 1995, the pastel colors; they all work together in discordant harmony to bring you a game experience that can only be compared to a cacophonous masterpiece. It is the beginning and the end.

What this game actually has going for it is that it is an extremely uncommon game and is rumored to be released in a quantity numbered only in the hundreds. The small San Francisco-based publisher ensured that only a few stores actually received copies for retail release, the most notable being Toys'R'Us. What really makes this game stand out among other PS1 titles is the unique purple spine color. This is the only game in the entire PS1 catalog that have a purple spine. Also it is important to note the late release date of 2003, this is incredibly late in the lifespan of the PS1. Late life games usually turn into collectibles later on since so much of the market is focused on the next gen. The game also sold so poorly that Mastiff doesn't even list it on their website nor does the game have a dedicated Wikipedia page [go ahead and make one, quote me, make my day].

Right now this game is dirt cheap, usually selling for around $5. I'd suggest that if you have an extra fiver lying around, you might as well buy a copy and torture yourself and your friends while embracing the true meaning of Easter.

Whatever that may be.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for this game my entire life. My life now has purpose. Thank you.

Evan Butler said...

That's why I'm here. I will be your spirit guide.

Anonymous said...


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