Monday, October 11, 2021

Collection Total Cost/Profit & Category Level Details

You can now view your total collection cost and total collection profit. AND you can view category level details so you know how much your video games are worth, vs your Pokemon cards, vs your Magic cards.

The cost and profit are visible on all collection pages.

To see the collection value by category, you need to filter the results to a specific category.

* Click "Sort Filter"
* Choose the category from "Category" dropdown

See Cost & Profit by Console/Set

You can also view console/set level details to see how much your Nintendo DS or Pokemon Evolving Skies cards are worth.

* Sort by category first
* Choose the specific console/set in the "Filter by Console" section

Cost & Profit Are Private

The cost and profit values are only visible to you. If you share your collection with someone else they will only see the value and the number of items.

View your collection today and try out these new features.

UPDATE: Local Currency Supported Too

Thanks for suggestions from users in comments, we've added support for your local currency.

The cost will always be in your local currency since you are adding that value manually. The value and profit will be converted to your local currency.

Let us know if you have any feedback or new feature ideas by using the comments below.


Unknown said...

Any chance to switch to Canadian prices too rather then US prices? I live in Canada

JJ Hendricks said...

@unknown - yep. I can implement that tomorrow. Sorry it wasn't there initially.

Anonymous said...

JJ Hendricks, this is an awesome update! Keeping the good work up as always, thanks for these functions! ��

Unknown said...

Yep just need the canadian pricing to show up. Thanks for update


DarkKobold said...

Is there anyway to make it so the default VGPC search results don't include trading cards? It's near impossible to search for pokemon games these days.

JJ said...

@darkKobold - Yes, you can. Do a search on the site. Filter results by category to "Video Games". All your future searches will default to that until you change it.

Sla said...

Since we are requesting features can we get a collection indicator in the lot value calculator? Also would love the ability to have multiple lots. Love the site BTW!

JJ said...

@slacroix - Do you mean a "in collection" indicator like we have on search/browse results?

When you say "have multiple lots", do you mean store multiple lots in the lot calculator? Do you mean something like the Lot Automator does (saved lots for 30 days with direct link to them), but support the lot calculator too so the lot can be saved?

Anonymous said...

Really great feature! Love this site!

Marek said...

Awesome feature! I can see that it also been updated to calculate values with configured local currency, but now profit value isn't correctly rounded up, for example: 1,399.4,899,999,999,998 (at least with EUR currency)

JJ said...

Marek - Glad you like the feature. Sorry that number is so long. I've fixed that now so the prices will only show 2 decimal places after conversion.

Sla said...

Yes the "in collection" that shows for search results. Many times as a collector I buy a lot of games and I want to add those that I don't have to my collection. It's a bit painful right now.

I do mean similar to the automator for multiple lots. I sometimes have multiple deals happening and right now I have to save the results out to google docs or something to start the next one. If I have to change the lot later I'm forced to re-enter it. It would be nice to create a new lot and see the last few I created or at least copy and paste the link myself to get back to it later.

JJ said...

slacroix - Thanks for explaining. I've made a note about these feature requests. I don't know when I'll get to them because you are the first person to ask about them but I have the notes written down so hopefully it can be added in the future.

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