Thursday, October 14, 2021

PriceCharting Has Premium Features for Retailers

PriceCharting has had a Pro membership for several years. Pro gives users access to improved tools on the site. These tools were focused primarily at collectors. Another core user on PriceCharting is retailers. We've added a second premium membership with tools focused on retailers.

The same "Pro" tools are still available in the new "Collector" tier. We just changed the name.

New Features Just for Retailers

Demand Reports (or Most Wanted List)

See a list of the most wanted items on the site. Which games or trading cards do people have on their wishlists? You can filter the results by category and even console/set.

This tool will help you know what games are hot and should sell quickly. You can click "Sell Yours" button next to any item and quickly list your item for sale. If your price is good, we'll email everyone with that game on their wishlist and let them know it's available.

See Historic Sales Volume

The historic price charts on every item page will show the historic sales volumes. You can see if supply changed and better understand the reasons behind price changes.

The volume shown in the total volume across all conditions and the data goes back to February 2021.

Retail susbcribers can also sort the Hot Item lists by sales volume as well and see which games are selling the most and which had the biggest change in sales.

Existing Features Only Available to Retailers

  • Download all price points (for games and trading cards)
  • Download UPC & Amazon Unique ID (ASIN)
  • Access to Gamestop Buy/Sell Prices
  • Access to our Suggested Buy/Sell Prices
  • Full access to eBay Lot Bot
  • Full API access to all data

We hope these new features are helpful to you. If so, please subscribe today (you can easily upgrade a current subscription too). Your support helps keep PriceCharting online.

Thank you for using PriceCharting. Please leave any feedback in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

Hey JJ, how many years of Pokemon cards history do we get with the Price API?

JJ said...

@anonymous - the API only gives current prices. You do not get historic price data. We have Pokemon price data going back to December 2020.

Rick Vigorous said...

You only added features right? I didn't just lose some as an annual member, right?

JJ said...

@Rick - We added two new features for retailers. The only existing feature that was moved from "Pro" to "Retailer" was the eBay Lot Bot which was used mainly by retailers and not used very often either. All users can still access the free version of that tool as well.

If you didn't use the Lot Bot, then you didn't lose access to any features and the update won't impact you at all.

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