Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Price Index Charts for Trading Cards

Trading card prices rise and fall over time as certain sets become popular or interest ebbs and flows for a hobby. We've added a tool that let's you see how the value of a trading card set is changing over time.

The SP 500 or Dow Jones stock indexes tell you if the stock market is increasing or decreasing in value overall.

Our trading card indexes tell you the same thing for a particular set of Pokemon or Magic cards.

For every trading card set, you can see a chart showing the current average and median price for every card in that set. You can see how the prices change over time as well. Is Pokemon Base Set becoming more popular? Has interest in Pokemon McDonald's 2021 set dropped since launch? Are Magic Beta cards hot or not?

The indexes include only the base cards, no parallels and the index only considers ungraded cards. You can read more details about the indexes and how they are calculated.

The index includes the average and the median by default but you can toggle either on or off. You can also touch/hover on any point on the chart to see details about the price at that particular point in time.

We decided to show both the average and the median because they show different summaries of a set's popularity/value. The median means the same number of cards are more expensive and less expensive than the median price. The median isn't impacted heavily by value changes in the most expensive cards. The average price is more volatile and will go up and down more when the most expensive cards increase or decrease in price.

We hope this tool is helpful for your trading cards collecting.


mndrix said...

Thanks for including median. It doesn't get enough love.

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