Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One-Time Price Guide Downloads

For the past 18 months we've offered our Video Game Price Guide service as a subscription service only. You had to setup a subscription with monthly payments if you wanted to download all the prices for the 13,000+ games in our database. Now you can pay a one-time fee of $4.99 and download the full price guide ($19.99 for the retailer's version).

Many video game collectors told us they didn't need to update their price guide multiple times per month but would love to download all the prices, use them for a few months, and then download them again later when they needed an update. This new payment structure gives you this flexibility. Retailers and Collectors who still want more frequent updates get a better deal with the monthly subscription, but you're not forced to pay monthly if that's not what you need.

You can >try out the trial version of the price guide for free. Then make a payment when you're ready to download the full guide.

Thanks to all of our users for their continued feedback about our site and the price guide service.


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