Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Win Nintendo World Championships Gray

Win Nintendo World Championships is celebrating its 100,000th order by giving away Nintendo World Championships Gray cartridge and some other rare games in their Rare Game Giveaway promotion. NWC Gray most recently sold on ebay for $5,100 and is one of the most rare and sought after games for collectors. For those of our readers who don't have $5,000 to spend on a video game this is your chance to add this holy grail to your collection.

The interest in Nintendo World Championships has definitely increased over the last three years. Google shows that the search volume for "nintendo world championship" has steadily increased since 2007 and Google predicts it will continue to increase over the next year too.

If you are lucky enough to already own Nintendo World Championships you can also win some memorabilia from the original Nintendo event. It includes a plaque, trophy, and t-shirt made specifically for winners of the 1990 competition and an NWC ticket stub and magazine.
Nintendo World Championships Memorabilia

You can also win some other rare games by entering the contest, including Starfox Super Weekend, Caltron 6-in-1, and Suikoden II. All games that are worth more than $100.

Good luck to everyone who enters the contest. Let us know if any of you win.


Jon K. said...

I had that t-shirt, because I got to go on stage and I won a "heat" of the championships in 1990. Like 25 of us competed later in the day...I did not win the whole thing. But I got a picture with an actor dressed as Kuros!

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