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30 Rare Playstation 1 Games | The Most Expensive PS1 Games

There are more than 1,300 games released for the original Playstation. A few of these PS1 games have become rare and a quite valuable in some cases. Below is a list of some of the most rare and expensive Playstation 1 games:

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Most Valuable PS1 Games

Elemental Gearbolt Assassin Case

Rare PS1 GamesNew Price: $NA | Used Price: $3,000 | See Current Prices
When Elemental Gearbolt was published by Working Designs they also made 50 Assassin's Cases. It includes the game, gold light gun, memory card, and carrying case. This very limited edition item was given away at 1998's E3. Half were given to journalists and the other half given away to attendees.

With only 50 every made this is by far the most rare playstation game in existance. The game itself is an uncommon combination of light gun shooter and RPG. It is a shooter, but has very heavy RPG elements.

Suikoden II

Expensive PS1 GamesNew Price: $450 | Used Price: $110 | See Current Prices
Suikoden II was published in 1999 by Konami. It is a strategy role playing game with small scale battles with up to 6 people and large scale battles between armies. The game allowed you to import your characters from the original Suikoden.

The game was printed in small quantities in the initial run and didn't sell well enough to warrant an additional printing. The game's depth and loyal fanbase keep this game very expensive.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

Valuable PS1 GamesNew Price: $315 | Used Price: $91 | See Current Prices
Misadventures of Tron Bonne is a prequel to Mega Man Legends centered around the the anti-hero Tron Bonne. The game is very different from other Mega Man games with some puzzle levels, some adventure levels, and other action type levels.

Tron Bonne was released in 2000, the same year the Playstation 2 was released. The publisher said sales were "relatively light" in the USA. The game included a playable demo of Mega Man Legends 2, which appears later in this list.

Marvel vs. Capcom Clash of Super Heroes

New Price: $299 | Used Price: $37 | See Current Prices
Marvel vs Capcom Clash of the Super Heroes is a 2D fighter with Marvel and Capcom characters. It is the first game in the Marvel vs Capcom series and the first Capcom fighter wth Marvel charactes and non-Street Fighter characters like Megaman and Strider.

The entire Marvel vs Capcom series is renowned as one of the finest fighting series of all time. The excellent gameplay keeps demand strong. A sequel was released on the Dreamcast within a year, but was never released on the Playstation, which generally indicates sales were below the publisher's expectations with the first game.

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

New Price: $250 | Used Price: $38 | See Current Prices
Klonoa: Door to PHantomile is the first Klonoa game in this series of platformers. The game is a side scroller but the graphics are rendered in 3D.

Klonoa received great reviews when it was released and is considered one of the best platformers for the Playstation. The game sold relatively well in the USA and internationally but the enduring gameplay and level design keep demand high as well.


New Price: $250 | Used Price: $26 | See Current Prices
Diablo is a horror themed action role-playing game. Unlike the PC version which featured four player co-op and online play, the PS1 version allowed only two player co-op and no online mode.

Diablo sold well on the PS1, but not nearly as much as the PC version. Diablo was rated game of the year in 1996 and has the highest overall rating of all PC games on Gamespot. Demand is very strong for this game which keeps its price high.

Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter

New Price: $230 | Used Price: $30 | See Current Prices
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter is another 2D fighter colaboration from Capcom and Marvel but only featuring Street Fighter characters. It is a sequel to X-men vs Street Fighter, which was the first Capcom fighter published with Marvel characters.

Like other Capcom and Marvel fighters it sold well initially and continues to be popular with gamers and collectors. This continued demand for the game makes the game expensive because the game has never been reprinted.

Valkyrie Profile

Rare Playstation 1New Price: $230 | Used Price: $63 | See Current Prices
Valkyrie Profile is a traditional turn based RPG developed by Enix. It is loosely based upon Norse mythology with references to Valhalla, Ragnorok and other Norse Gods.

The game was a commerical success worldwide but sold only 73,000 copies in the USA. The game received widespread critical acclaim and is still loved by many RPG fans. This is one of the most expensive games on the list when in used condition.

Tales of Destiny

Expensive Playstation GamesNew Price: $225 | Used Price: $68 | See Current Prices
Tales of Destiny is the second game in the Tales series after Tales of Phantasia. It is a role playing game with a unique battle system referred to as Linear Motion Battle Systems. The battles are in 2D, but all combatants attack in real-time and the game rewards multi-hit combos so timing your attacks and magic correctly is rewarded.

The game sold more than a million copies in Japan, but like most Japanese RPG's it did not sell as well in the USA. It still sold close to six figures though. Even with higher unit sales than most games on the list, it fetchs a very high price because it remains so popular. Even a re-release on Playstation 2 in 2006 hasn't dented demand.

Tactics Ogre

Rare PS1 GamesNew Price: $215 | Used Price: $55 | See Current Prices
Tactics Ogre is the second game in the Ogre Battle series, but with so many changes that it is considered by some to be its own series. The original Ogre Battle was focused on grand strategy role playing with armies, but Tactics Ogre is focused on the individual people in the army and battles take place on a grid like most strategy RPGs.

Like its predecessor, Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, which is one of the rarest Super Nintendo games. Tactics Ogre is hard to find as well with a limited production run. Prices have come down from their highs several years ago when it was selling for almost $100 used.

X-Com UFO Defense

New Price: $200 | Used Price: $46 | See Current Prices
X-Com is a strategy and role-playing game with elements of Civilization, defeating alien races and technology trees, but also includes RPG elements too. X-Com is considered one of the greatest games ever made. The PC version is consistantly rated in the top 10 PC games of all time by multiple publications including IGN and PC Gamer.

The Playstation 1 version did not sell as well as the PC game, but very strong demand for the game is what keeps prices so high. Many gamers are willing to pay top dollar for a chance to play one of the best games strategy games ever made.

Herc's Adventures

New Price: $200 | Used Price: $43 | See Current Prices
Herc's Adventure is a top-down Action Adventure game featuring charactes from Greek mythology. You can play as Hercules, Jason, or Atlanta and get to fight Cyclops, Medusa, and Hydra. The game is very similar to Zombies At My Neighbors for Genesis and SNES, with similar gameplay and humor.

Even though the game is very solid all around, the game sold poorly on both PS1 and Saturn. It is quite hard to find in the wild.

Revelations: Persona

New Price: $190 | Used Price: $40 | See Current Prices
Revelations: Persona is a role-playing game and spin-off from the Shin Megami Tensei series developed by Atlus. You play as teenagers who must fight off demons in turn-based battles. It has spawned its own series of games after its success.

Persona received a limited print-run like most Atlus game, but unlike Persona 2, the original has never been re-released. Prices for the Playstation version have dropped since a remake for PSP was released in April 2009.

ISS Pro Evolution

New Price: $182 | Used Price: $51 | See Current Prices
ISS Pro Evolution is a soccer game released exclusively on the Playstation 1. The game includes a large selection of international and club teams but did not officially license any of the leagues. It used uniforms and logos that looked similar to the teams they represent and even player names that were spelled differently that actual footballers.

The game received outstanding reviews when it was released, but it came out six months before the Playstation 2 as interest in Playstation 1 games was waning. It was the last ISS game released for the PS1.


Valuable Playstation 1New Price: $175 | Used Price: $58 | See Current Prices
Tomba is a side-scrolling adventure game from the producer of Mega Man and Ghosts N Goblins. You complete various tasks to earn Adventure Points, which are used to unlock additional missions.

The game received great reviews when it was released and sold well enough to warrant a sequel but the developer Whoppee Camp closed immediately following the sequel. The game sells for almost $60 used and $175 in used condition.


New Price: $170 | Used Price: $23 | See Current Prices
DiscWorld is a video game based on the DiscWorld series of fantasy books by Sir Terry Pratchett. The game is a point-and-click adventure game with the usual item finding, puzzle solving, and conversations that are a hallmark of the genre.

The game sold poorly but the devoted fans of the series have kept the game very valuable for collectors. In used condition the game isn't very expensive, but in new conditoin it fetches top dollar.

Mega Man Legends 2

Expensive Playstation 1New Price: $162 | Used Price: $59 | See Current Prices
Mega Man Legends 2 is the game included on the demo disc for Tron Bonne (see above) and is part of the same series. The gameplay is similar to a Zelda game with some RPG type elements but mostly action oriented.

The 2nd game in the series improved upon the first in most ways and received positive reviews, but sold very badly. The game only sold 88,000 units in Japan and sold much better in Japan than any other region.

Brigandine The Legend of Forsena

Valuable Playstation GamesNew Price: $150 | Used Price: $66 | See Current Prices
Brigandine is a tactical RPG released by Atlus. You control a nation and must conquer all other nations on the continent of Forsena. Like many tactical RPG's and strategy games, Brigandine is broken down into a preparation mode, with tactical decisions like moving troops between castles, and a battle mode, with actual combat taking place on a grid board.

Like almost every Atlus game ever made, Brigandine received a limited print run but it never sold well enough to warrant a re-release. The game is one of the most expensive titles on this list when in used condition.

Team Buddies

Rare PS1New Price: $150 | Used Price: $64 | See Current Prices
Team Buddies is a unique game that combines elements of Worms, Rayman, and Conker's Bad Fur Day. The game is a real-time strategy game with bright colors and multi-player modes. The European version of the game had different racial identities for each character class with the ability to taunt the other players with stereotypical sayings for each race, for example Scots could say "effing bastard". Unfortunately these were removed from the NTSC release.

Team Buddies came out one month before the Playstation 2 was released and was overlooked by many gamers and sold poorly as a result.

Lunar Silver Star Story

New Price: $150 | Used Price: $44 | See Current Prices
Lunar Silver Star Story is a role playing game published by Working Designs. It is a remake of Lunar: Silver Star for Sega CD with improved graphics and the elimination of random battles. The sequel Lunar: Eternal Blue was also remade for the Playstation 1.

The game sold more than 220,000 copies but Working Designs only published the game for seven months and stopped production on Decemeber 31st 1999. Even though the game sold more copies than many other PS1 games, it continues to sell for a premium price due to its continued popularity and Working Designs ceasing production before demand was met.

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jchav said...

in your opinion. do u think these prices will go up in the future of these and other rare games?

JJ Hendricks said...

Jchav - I do think many of these games will increase in value over time. In general I think game collecting is becoming more popular so the prices for the rarest games will increase as more people want to buy them.

Some of these PS1 games have been reprinted in the past which definitely lowers their value. I think this is the biggest risk to someone who is hoping these games will become more expensive.

jchav said...

what does reprinted mean?

JJ Hendricks said...

When games are made the publisher will decide to produce only a certain number of them based upon how many they think it will sell. After all of those sell the publisher can reprint the game again and make more.

Usually publishers don't both reprinting games from the PS1 era now because there isn't much of a market out there for them but there are some exceptions. Last year Atlus reprinted Persona 2 and sold it online through The game was selling for roughly $80 before the reprinting and then about $60 afterwards.

CD and DVD based games like PS1, PS2, Xbox, etc can always be reprinted if the publisher decides it is worth it.

jchav said...

do you have any clue to when lets say "tactics ogre" price go twice as much or ever be twice as much from what it is now>

JJ Hendricks said...

jchav - I have no idea when the price of a game might double. That would be predicting the future, and I'm not very good at that. I can say that signs point to Tactics Ogre getting more expensive over time but I have no idea how quickly or if it really will happen.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what a PS1 demo cd of O.D.T Escape Or Die Trying is worth?

Billy said...

Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together is, without question, the finest classic remake I’ve ever played. On the battlefield, the action plays out much like any isometric tactical RPG, More Review :

Anonymous said...

Excited to see 2 games I own on this list! Persona Revelations and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Had them both since 2002, love them, and will never sell them. I guess that's why they are rare.

Anonymous said...

I believe all these games will only triple in years to come with most games going digital I believe games on disc ,cartridge ,etc...will be like a record store selling lps collectors are will pay top dollar for rare games which I have most on this list

Anonymous said...

Nice list but where are Koudelka and Intelligent Qube?

Anonymous said...

i bought iss pro evolution for 2.45 dollar today.

Unknown said...

what about LSD Dream Emulator the lowest on ebay for that $310.?.?

JJ Hendricks said...

@jarretsvids669 - Thanks for mentioning that game, we didn't have it in our database. It is definitely a rare one but it is from Japan and this list is just NTSC games.

Anonymous said...

Captain blasto?

Anonymous said...

The adventures of lomax is one of the rarest imo

Anonymous said...

The adventures of lomax is one of the rarest imo...its a sequel to the adventures of flink on sega cd...also rare

Benjamin Pfund said...
MY EBAY!!!!!
ps. also bid on my other stuff :)

Anonymous said...

A new Yuuyami Doori Tankentai is around $900 on gamebaz, used is like $250.

Anonymous said...

I have 67 PS1 games some of which are on this list. I also have a lot of PS2 games. Looking to sell all of them. ANY IDEAS? I am in JACKSON,TN. E-mail me @

Anonymous said...

Where's Strider 2 it's very hard to find this game in good even more in great/mint condition and if the case is jacked try to find the kind of reverse open duel jewel case for it lol. This game should be here or at least mentioned below.

Anonymous said...

kinda wierd i didn't see
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy 7
xeno Gears
other RPG / TPRG games

this type of game is Very Unpopular based on a AVG of 14% - 24% Game Sales
Years 1985 - 2012
Coming in First with Exspected groth in prices to be lowest Football / Racing / Wrestling / shooters
this table is valie for PS1 / PS2 and most PS# and Xbox / Xbox 360 games

Sales of Xbox One expected too Fail Sales needed to Break even in the first quarter
Total Profit Exspected too be -20Million~
of the exspected 190million in first quarter sales while leaving them at 170million instead

Anonymous said...

My older brother says he has that elemental gearbolt assassin case in storage. So I asked our dad if he does (its our dads storage).and he says yes that old game case is in there somewhere. Wow I got to find it lol

Anonymous said...

Miraculous blog site!! I would surely bookmark this site and every day I’ll get more and more latest information.

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful blog that reveals many playstations prices, I long been searching for that and now I can have it in front of me, thanks.
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Anonymous said...

Einhander and Ehrgeiz are pretty hard to come by these days especially new or near mint. SquareSoft hidden gems for sure.

Anonymous said...

I can set up a deal if you want, i got every ps2 game there is for 20$
I can sell for 75 Cents each.

Anonymous said...

That was me talking about the deal, I just noticed how much they are worth, DEAL OFF, NOT FOR SALE

Anonymous said...

Great article! Do you know if Xenogears is a rare or very common ps1 game?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Just bought valkyrie profile for 35$ factory sealed and Japan import...bought it in bangkok at a shot at MBK...rediculous find, I wanna open it and play it but it's worth soooooo much sealed...sux but awesome find

Unknown said...

Also found tales of destiny, and suidoken probably yo back for those finds

Anonymous said...

Japan imports are worthless compared to us versions. I got my sealed ntsc copy for a buck at a garage sale :)

Anonymous said...

No stahp it you random kid. Bk scrub a dub dub. Your poor you have to make 20 dollars last 7 weeks at a time otherwise you'll starve :D...madbrahahhaa?

Anonymous said...

dildos are cheaper than most of these games.

Anonymous said...

why isn't vib ribbon on here that game is awesome and its like 80 dollars used and 150 dollars new canadian over here. and on top of that theres an english release and its european only

JJ said...

@stephen - This list is only for rare/valuable NTSC PS1 games. We didn't include any PAL only releases.

Teetime said...


Ponyslation said...

What about MegaMan battle and Chase

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