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15 Rare Playstation 2 Games | The Most Expensive PS2 Games

The Playstation 2 was discontinued in 2010 as Sony stopped production. During the ten years the PS2 was available nearly 2,000 games were made and some of these games have become rare and hard to find. Below is the list of rarest and most expensive Playstation 2 (PS2) games and what makes them so valuable.

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Most Valuable Playstation 2 Games

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Rare PS2 GamesNew Price: $280 | Used Price: $29
Capcom and Marvel teamed up for a 2D fighter with Marvel superheroes and Capcom game characters. It is considered one of the best fighters of all time.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 used to sell for $70-80 in used condition until the game was released on Xbox Live and Playstation Network in early 2009. After the digital version was released used prices dropped to their current $30 range. Brand new versions of the game still sell for $200-280.

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Capcom vs SNK 2

Rare Playstation 2 GamesNew Price: $150 | Used Price: $13
Capcom vs SNK 2 is another 2D fighting game developed by Capcom, but this time it includes SNK characters from the King of Fighters series.

Used copies of the game sell for $13-15 but sealed copies have sold for more than $150. The game is no longer available at retail and due to licensing issues with characters owned by two different companies, the game will most likely not be re-released.

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Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Limited Edition

PS2 GamesNew Price: $130 | Used Price: $37
When Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence was released for PS2, customers who pre-ordered the game received a limited edition version which included a DVD with cut-scenes from the game edited into a movie.

The limited edition we never reprinted and made available outside the pre-order time period so it is relatively hard to find.

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Resident Evil 4 Premium Edition

Expensive PS2 GamesNew Price: $130 | Used Price: $19
The Resident Evil 4 Premium Edition includes the game in a Steelbook case, an artwork book, a documentary DVD, and a Ada Wong art cel.

Most used copies available don't include some of the premium edition extras, which explains the big price difference between new and used copies of this game. The brand new complete premium packs sell for $130.

See Current Resident Evil 4 Premium Edition Prices

Final Fantasy XI Vana'diel Collection 2008

PS2 GamesNew Price: $120 | Used Price: $35
In 2008 Square Enix released a collection of expansions for Final Fantasy XI. The collection includes Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, Treasures of Aht Urhgan, and Wings of the Goddess.

The game was released a couple years after the Playstation 3 when the PS2's popularity was already waning. The game didn't sell very well because most users had already moved onto the PS3 and there were problems playing the game on the PS3.

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Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

Valuable Playstation 2 GamesNew Price: $100 | Used Price: $33
Jurassic Park Operation Genesis is a theme park simulator. You create a dinosaur theme park and try to attract visitors and keep them safe. Similar to Roller Coaster Tycoon but with dinosaurs as the attractions.

The PS2 version is not as rare as the Xbox version, which sells for nearly $200, but it is still one of the rarest Playstation 2 games.

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Grandia II

Rare PS2 GamesNew Price: $99 | Used Price: $14
Grandia II is an RPG released by UbiSoft in 2002. It is a remake of a Sega Dreamcast game originally released in 2000.

While the Dreamcast version received mostly uniform positive reviews, the PS2 version was criticized for lower frame rates, reduced color and texture quality. Inspite of the technical problems with the game it still sells for close to $100 when brand new.

See Current Grandia II Prices

Wizardry Tale of the Foresaken Land

PS2 GamesNew Price: $99 | Used Price: $13
Wizardry is a long running first person role-playing series from the PC. This was the first Wizardry game designed for a console.

The game is published by Atlus, who is notorious for their small print runs and rare games. Wizardy is no exception and it sells for almost a hundred dollars when still sealed.

See Current Wizardry Tale of the Foresaken Land Prices

.hack/GU Rebirth

PS2 GamesNew Price: $95 | Used Price: $40
.hack/GU Rebirth is the first of the .hack/GU series of Action RPG's for the Playstation 2, which also includes Reminisce and Redemption. The game series tries to mimic an MMO type RPG within an offline game. The "off-line" world in the game has fictional message boards and news reports to add to the illusion you are playing online when you "login".

The entire .hack series has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide. Those sales are spread over seven games and the majority of sales were in Japan. The NTSC versions of all the .hack/GU titles are fairly rare but Rebirth is the most expensive of the three.

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Document of Metal Gear Solid 2

Expensive Playstation 2 GamesNew Price: $92 | Used Price: $20
Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 is an interactive documentary of Metal Gear Solid 2. It includes a database of character models, the entire soundtrack, every cut-scene from the game, and other "making of" materials like storyboards, scripts and development timelines.

The Document sold separately in the USA and was made for a niche audience that wanted to pay extra to learn more about MGS 2. Because of this it was produced in limited quanities. The game is very rare in new condition and sells for more than $90.

See Current Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 Prices

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2

XXXXX PS2 GamesNew Price: $90 | Used Price: $32
Baldur's Game Dark Alliance II is an action RPG based upon the third edition of Dungeons and Dragons. The game was originally set to be published by Universal in December 2003, but in September of 2003 Interplay canceled the deal and decided to self-publish and release in January 2004. In November 2003 they announced Universal would publish, but again changed course soon after. In December 2003 the developer was shutdown and the game came out the next month.

All the production and publishing problems limited sales of the game. Interplay said if it sold well they would port a Gamecube version. The game never came out on Gamecube which indicates it sold less than Interplay had expected.

See Current Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2 Prices

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Rare Playstation 2 GamesNew Price: $89 | Used Price: $32
Tenkaichi 3 was released on PS2 and Wii and is a fighting game with the Dragon Ball Z anime characters. The Wii version is more expensive but both versions are rare.

Tenkaichi 3 was published by Atari. Bandai now has the license to all Dragon Ball Z games which makes a re-release of the game much less likely. Prices more than doubled for the game in 2010, which is the same year the Dragon Ball Z boxsets started releasing on DVD.

See Current Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Prices

Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Expensive PS2 GamesNew Price: $88 | Used Price: $26
Digimon Rumble Arena 2 is a fighting game similar to Super Smash Bros. You fight as some of the popular Digimon characters and they can digivolve into stronger ones similar to Pokemon evolutions.

The game was the last Digimon fighting game released and is quite hard to find in the wild. The Playstation 2 version is the least valuable of the three versions released for PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox.

See Current Digimon Rumble Arena 2 Prices

Wild ARMs Alter Code: F

Rare PS2 GamesNew Price: $84 | Used Price: $34
Wild Arms Alter Code F is an enhanced remake of the original Wild Arms released on Playstation 1. The remake has added characters, new scenarios, a remastered soundtrack, and a bonus anime DVD. Alter Code F was the last Wild Arms game released on the PS2.

The game came out in November 2005, after the Xbox 360 had launched, near the end of the Playstation 2's lifecycle, and it was published by Agetech instead of Sony. These factors helped limited the production and sales for the game.

See Current Wild ARMs Alter Code: F Prices

.hack Quarantine

Valuable PS2 GamesNew Price: $84 | Used Price: $63
.hack Quarantine is the last game released in the original .hack RPG series. Gameplay is similar to the fake MMO style in .hack/GU but the plot takes place 7 years before the events in .hack/GU.

The three previous games released in the .hack series are Infection, Mutation, and Outbreak. All three can be found brand new for less than $45. Quarantine is the only rare .hack game from the original series.

See Current .hack Quarantine Prices

Other Expensive Playstation 2 Games

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Anonymous said...

good god! how/when did ico's price get so inflated?? good thing i bought it awhile back.

Anonymous said...

NO GOD OF WAR ?? this website is wack!

Anonymous said...

its most expensive games not the best ofc god of war isnt here.

Anonymous said...

I have Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistance, PAL version and ICO. But ICO is a 2nd release edition so it's not worth that much like the first ICO witch came in slipcase with art cards.

Anonymous said...

How much is the Xenosaga 3 Hologram cover (Best Buy Edition) worth?

Isn't that version rarer than the regular version?

Could someone clarify how many units were produced for best buy?

JJ Hendricks said...

@Anonymous - I have never seen the Halogram version come up for sale so I don't know sure sure how much it selss for.

It should be a premium to the regular Xenosaga III. Unfortunately I don't know how many copies sold to Best Buy.

miro69 said...

I like the list you've compiled. You've also added in new games, which brings a new dimension to the list. Maybe for future consideration, you could extend the list a bit. There's just so many PS2 games out there that I don't think 15 make up even 1% of them.

On a side note, I was half expecting to see Suikoden V here.

Anonymous said...

This is the link to Fatal Frame Zero. It's 174.80 and is only compatible with Japanese versions, I know. But it's up there in price.

Kitty said...

The Fatal Frame series is damn rare. Least in my province.

Anonymous said...

Sweet I picked up Capcom Vs. SNK 2 - Mark of the millenium(Pal) for 99p from one of my local Cash Convertors. I also picked up Z.O.E The 2nd Runner - Special Edition(Pal)up from there to for 99p. Heard that's getting to be a rarer harder to find game nowadays.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous here there are a Xenosaga III Hologram Cover (last entry) 179.99

Unknown said...

rule of rose is well over 79$ new

Anonymous said...

Ive done alot of research
and burnout anthology is by far the rarest thing around. there are next to none on ebay less than 6 on amazon at any givin time.It also sells for 130 used on amazon.

also rule of rose is insanly scarce.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Burnout Anthology generally sells for $30 when it does sell. You can see completed auctions here.

That list price on Amazon is much higher than the market price. The item is very rare though.

Rule of Rose is also rare but double the price of Burnout Anthology so it is expensive too.

When we update this article Rule of Rose will definitely make the list.

Anonymous said...

hows come Devil Summoner on PS2 is not on here?

Anonymous said...

I recently got the set of .Hack parts 1 to 4 ....for $85.00 all complete with everything. And im getting Capcom vs SNK 2 for $15 complete .

Anonymous said...

i have snk vs campcom and i brought it a year ago at the half price. seems to be valuable.

jmack32 said...

Why is Kuon not even mentioned here? Was that an oversight? From my recent research it seems to me that Kuon is currently the 3rd most expensive used complete in box game Ps2 has to offer. I am not including bundle games in that statement.

JJ said...

@jmack32 - Thanks for mentioning Kuon. It will definitely make the list next time we update it. It's price has been steadily increasing for the last several years.

Anonymous said...

NIS games and Atlus games seems to be the publishers to watch. Agetec bring in the third.

Unknown said...

I have wizardry tale of forsaken lands anyone wanna buy it hit me up at

DJ Omnimaga said...

I am curious about how much FIFA 14 for PS2 (NTSC version) is worth? I haven't seen any copy on Amazon nor Ebay in months (the last time I did it was around $40). Only the PAL versions come up. Does anybody know how many copies were released in South America and Mexico?

hidden object games said...

Hi,great list.I would need to say Marvel vs Capcom 2 is the best installment of any Street Fighter game in recent memory.It breaks into some new territory with 3-on-3 matches and increases some super replay value with the crazy measure of characters to unlock.The game likewise stays valid to the first game play concept with quarter and half circle moves in abundance.While nothing but the same old thing new,Marvel versus Capcom 2 packs a dragon punch in the matter of action and clears the 2D rival out.Best wishes.
@Stacie Hudson.

Anonymous said...

lol this list is from 2009 when ps2 was still being made.
rarest standard release is fifa 14 ntsc good luck finding one.

Unknown said...

$100 for game? tooo much
$ 1 000 000 000 for game developing?
not enough

Unknown said...

Why isn’t kuon in this?

JJ said...

@Tyler - Kuon is definitely one of the most expensive PS2 games now. But it wasn't at the time it was written. Later this month, I'm going to update this article with the latest info.

Anonymous said...

Graffiti Kingdom is rare. I've wanted to get my hands on that again for years.

Nick Nicapopolusoloradingdong said...

So why is 'Blood will tell', and that agetec published fuedal japan era old school survival horror game not represented. Those f#ckers r impossible to find in the wild if someone knows that S.Horror games name let me know. Escapes me atm. Cover is close up of a typical kabuki/pale face japanese girl or woman. Name is single word i think. Believe its a word from japanese lexicon. Wanna say 'Oni', buts thats not it. Similar tho. Thnkx.
PS, know where all those dot.hck games r think. Sitting in a pile of forgotten ps2 titles at a pwn shop in my area. Also they were 2 bux apeice 😆 know what im doing later lol

Anonymous said...

What about .hack//infection? Is that one worthless?

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