Monday, August 30, 2010

Blockbuster Video Game Championships II Reproduction For Sale

Blockbuster Video Game Championships II
A seller has listed a complete in the box copy of Blockbuster Video Game Championships II. There is no reserve price and the bidding is just $0.99 so far.

The last sale for Blockbuster Championships II was for $2,000 back in April 2010.

The Blockbuster Video Game Championships II is very similar to Nintendo World Championships but the cartridge was made for the Sega Genesis and was made for a series of Blockbuster game competitions.

The seller has great feedback and I know them from other video game message boards and collecting websites. He is a very good seller and there shouldn't be any problems with the item or transaction which is really nice with these really expensive games.


Anonymous said...

Quote from Auction
"This is a new creation from 2010 of BeaglePuss and MrMark, and works on all three versions of the classic Sega Genesis hardware. Superior craftsmanship, the insert is full color, the label is professional and the case and cart plastic are actual original Sega manufacture."

Is this a Reprogrammed Cart?

Anonymous said...

I e-mailed him and he confirmed:
"Correct, this is the first repro that's been successfully made. "

JJ Hendricks said...

Great catch. I have updated the article to make sure it is noted that it is a reproduction. It is a very high quality reproduction and I hope the added some way to make it obvious that it is a copy so future sellers who are not as honest don't try to pass it off as the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Even if it was made to be 100% identical and was passed of as an original copy, it wouldn't matter, because it would be as good as an original copy if was truly 100% identical.

Anonymous said...

not really. Games like this don't go for $2000 because people want to play them. Just like the original paintings aren't so expensive because people want to look at them. They're expensive because collectors want to own the original, want to own a piece of history. A perfect copy you can play can be found as a rom and is worth between free and $5, an original you can collect as part of a love of video game history can be worth $2000. Big difference between perfect copy and original, and if anyone thinks a perfect copy is fine, then I have a Mona Lisa i would like to sell them.

Anonymous said...

JJ can you verify the validity of an auction? There is an original Blockbuster Sega Championship Cart on eBay and was curious if it is legit. The seller has awful feedback; can you shine any light on this particular listing (or seller)?

Item number


JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - that does look like a legit copy of the game. The seller does have lots of feedback and 99.3% of it is positive which I think is very good.

The letter from the Game Galaxy is interesting because the owner of Game Galaxy is a HUGE game collector. If this isn't legit, the guy definitely knows his stuff.

I'm very sure that the auction is for a legitimate copy of this game.

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