Monday, August 9, 2010

Mr. Boston Vectrex For Sale - Only 5 Known To Exist

Mr Boston Vectrex Cover Art

There is an ebay auction for Mr. Boston for Vectrex. The bidding is up to $860 already with about six days to go.

The game is complete in the box with the instructions, overlay, inserts, and everything. The seller says there are only two known to exist in complete condition.

What is Mr. Boston Clean Sweep Vectrex

Mr. Boston is a brand of vodka that is still made today.Mr. Boston Vodka
The liquor company customized the game Clean Sweep with their brand logo on the front cover, the insert, and changed the vacuum cleaner into a top hat inside the game. Mr. Boston then gave some of these cartridges away. The exact number isn't known.

There are said to be anywhere from three to five copies in existence today so the game is very rare and highly collectible. I have never seen a complete Mr. Boston auction so I can't say for sure what the final price will be but it should be several thousand dollars. Hopefully the seller's reserve price is so there is a completed auction.

UPDATE: The game did not sell on ebay because the reserve price was never met, but it did end up selling for $7,200 in a private sale on AtariAge.


Vectrexer said...

Only a two complete are know to exist. The other is in North America. Besides the complete versions the others are a couple of loose carts. One is here in the US. The other is in EMEA.

Unknown said...

Damn, my stepdads family was a liquor wholesaler in Illinois years back. He was given a vectrex system with Mr Boston. I played the game at our house. Sorry to say he gave the system away and unsure if the cartridge went with the console or not. Will try and find it in their basement.

JJ said...

@unknown - Cool that you got a chance to play that at some point. Hopefully you can find the game somewhere.

Unknown said...

I own a Mr Boston cart. Chip inside has 0035 on it. I thought it was a production number perhaps indicating at least 35 exist? Starting to research it now to obtain as much info as possible about them.

Gaming museum said...

We have one in our collection. We are very interested in VECTREX. We have MINI CADE too, 3D imager, and other rare Vectrex items - come and try in our Gaming museum in Prague. Everybody is welcomed!

Unknown said...

I own a loose cart, however the label is completely removed. Cart only. Any suggestions on determining value on something like that?

JJ said...

@unknown - It would be worth significantly less without the label but probably still pretty valuable because the game is so rare. Unfortunately I don't know the exact value though.

I wouldn't be surprised if it sold for $10,000 plus even with the label issue. Most game prices are much higher than they were 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I might still have this game! Uncle was going to throw his vectrex out but gave to me when I was 5. Might still be sitting in my parents garage in Lethbridge, AB.

Anonymous said...

I own a loose cart also, got it in 2023 via trades

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