Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sales Volumes

When buying and selling video games, the price isn't all that matters. For instance, in our recent analysis of how the World Cup affected video games, the price was flat but sales volumes changed dramatically. Likewise when determining how rare a game is, one might be interested in how frequently the game is sold. We've now made sales volume information available on our site.

In the box below the price chart, we've added information about sales volume:

The calculation is based on the total number of sales we've ever observed for the game and the time span over which those sales occurred (including eBay, JJGames and private sales). We change the wording based on the magnitude of the volume. For instance on Grand Theft Auto IV, it says "about 30 sales per day" while for Nintendo World Championship Gold it says "about 1 sale per year"

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions.


Anonymous said...

great new feature!

Anonymous said...

This is really rad. I like this. It gives a much better idea of each game's consistent sales.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to go and look up games I like and see how few people are buying it anymore.

!bruce said...

very nice feature.

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