Friday, August 27, 2010

New & Improved Price Lists

We've changed the appearance and added some new features to the price lists for every console. The price lists should be easier to read, easier to compare, and easier to use. Here is a sample of what the NES price list looks like with the new design:
NES Price List

Below is a list of some of the changes we made:

Tabs to Sort the Data Faster

Price List Sorted by Highest Price
We added tabs to the top of the price lists so you can easily sort the data the way you want and the page will more clearly show you how you are currently viewing the data by highlighting the tab in blue.

Sort by an Item's Popularity

Price List Sorted By Most Popular
You can sort the data based upon how popular the items are. This is based on the number of sales we have on record for each game.

Easier to Read & Matches Overall Site Appearance Better

There is more space between each row and each row as a very light dashed line separating them so it is easier to read. The overall color scheme matches better as well so the price lists are a bit more pleasant to look at.


GamesOgre said...

Those changes are fantastic! The popularity feature is a great idea. Do you find your popularity rankings to be correlated with rarity at all?

JJ Hendricks said...

@GamesOgre - Glad you like it. The most visited pages on our site are the most rare games for the most part. So there is a high correlation in terms of most visited pages and rarity.

The popularity we are showing on the price list pages is based upon how often the games sell. We aren't showing which game has the most visits on our site. I wanted to make sure people understood that.

GamesOgre said...

Right, so I'm guessing that if one scrolls to the bottom of your popularity-by-sales list that we'll find the rarer games. Seems like that's where the Cheetahmen II, Peek-a-Boo Poker, etc. are grouped.

Anonymous said...

Nice added featrue to the site !

Unknown said...

is it just me or is search brokne now? If you try to search and click on a name it gives an error page. I cant get detailed info on game prices anymore, just the new list page

russell said...

same, I can't get anything

JJ Hendricks said...

@metal and @russell - The site was partially down on Sunday because of a glitch calculating the sales volume. The game pages and sorting by popularity were not working because of this issue. They should be fixed now.

Christopher said...

>> Tabs to Sort the Data Faster

:oO Are those tabs just loading a new page with another filtered sql query? epic cheating :oP seems a bit of an effort just to sort a table. I'm sure you got your reasons...

JJ Hendricks said...

@Christopher - the tabs open new links. The main reason we do this is so people can go directly to that page and save some time. If a user always wants to see the items sorted by price from highest to lowest, they can always see that page first by bookmarking it. Instead of going to the main page then clicking another link.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love the new layout! Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!

Now if only you could make it so the search bar was at the top of the page when viewing the site on my cell phone........

:) :) :)

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - we actually have plans to make a redesigned layout for cell phone users with smaller screens. So it just shows the basic info you would need to find your games like search and the list of systems.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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