Monday, February 11, 2013

Rare Skylander Variant: Metallic Blue Chop Chop from Toy Fair 2013

At last year's Toy Fair in New York City, Activision handed out a limited edition metallic purple Cynder figure. That figure now sells for $175-200 and is one the most valuable Skylanders figures.

The 2013 Toy Fair in NYC, Activision is again handing out a limited edition figure. This time it is a metallic blue Chop Chop.

People on the show floor report that Activision is not actively giving these figures away at their booth. Attendees may need to ask multiple people, multiple times in order to receive the figure, but it is there.

Only a couple of auctions have ended for this rare Skylander, but so far the average price is about $260. As more Toy Fair attendees return home from the convention we will see more auctions for the blue Chop Chop. With the increased supply prices are likely to drop over the short term.

We've added this rare variant to our complete Skylanders Figure List.


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