Saturday, February 9, 2013

Why is Fire Emblem So Hard to Find?

Why is it so hard to find Fire Emblem Awakening for Nintendo 3DS? The game 'launched' on February 4th, but GameStop is sold out, Amazon is sold out, and none of the Best Buy's, Wal-Marts, or Targets near me have it in stock either. The game is selling for $50+ on eBay. For a $40 game this is a very good indication that it is hard to find.

My local GameStop even told me they didn't get enough copies in to satisfy pre-orders.

Do you think Nintendo just under estimated demand, but if they don't make enough to satisfy pre-orders something else must be afoot. Maybe is was some manufacturing snafu. Or a distribution issue with their shipping provider. Or maybe Nintendo decided to see how many people would download the game from the eShop if it was hard to find a physical copy.

Whatever the reason, I am still waiting to find a physical copy of the game so I can start enjoying Fire Emblem. Have you had a hard time find the game or did you download it?


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it but will wait for the reprint. If it sold out this fast then its almost certain it will get it.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem today. Thought that I would let the first day shipment issues subside for a few days and wait for the weekend but it appears that no one had it in stock. I managed to find a 1 Best Buy in the state that had it and was able to get the last copy.

Anonymous said...

Given the track record (both in quality and in sales) of many JRPGs released over the past several years, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo was playing safe and keeping production numbers low in order to minimize risk. However, like Ni No Kuni not enough copies were distributed and people are going crazy trying to find copies. Like someone else said, Nintendo will likely release another batch of these soon given the demand. I'd wait for this versus paying over retail on Ebay for a copy.

JackintheBox333 said...

Not a single shop in my city has a copy. Every big box, every game store: zero copies and back ordered to satisfy preorders. I caved and downloaded it, which is technically cheaper as I don't have to pay tax on purchasing digital games.

JJ Hendricks said...

I've seriously thought about downloading the game too, but the collector in me won't let the gamer in me do it. I want the physical copy and the beautiful cover art in my collection.

It sure is tempting though so I hope Nintendo reprints quickly.

Anonymous said...

Part of the camp that preordered but got the boot anyways, here. A Gamestop employee today told me that the actual physical copies were meant to be a "collector item only." I don't know what to think anymore.

If I put on my tinfoil hat, limiting the run of physical copies for a popular title like Fire Emblem creates the possibility to drive up purchases through the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo has been accused before of using the scarcity tactic on the Wii but in general people gave them the benefit of the doubt and they were quick to respond to the limited supply (well, as quick as they could manage). Going back to Fire Emblem, not shortly after the demo was finally released did Gamestop and many other stores put a halt on preorders. This kinda raises suspicion but alone isn't at all convincing.

Removing the tinfoil hat, as some have already pointed out, this is the second game this year to have a problem in terms of initial print. This year and only the second month into the year. A little more saddening for Ni no Kuni since many who preordered months in advance still got the shaft. It isn't malicious intent, just a standard mess up in the supply chain. It's worrying in general since many games have been slated for March onward. Will this sort of thing be happening again?

Download is still an option, but for my region it's just as expensive and taxed as such (I know about setting provinces/states to evade taxes, blahblah, but I like to be honest). Don't get me wrong, I like the convenience of downloads since I don't have to swap carts and Nintendo was nice enough to use a non-proprietary storage solution so more space is relatively cheap. Heck, things like Art Academy probably work better/more sensible as a digital purchase. In my case it is just sour grapes. I ain't buying through the shop because they did not deliver on the physical preorder. I'll save my eShop dollars when they finally put up some damned GBA and SNES games for the 3DS.

I guess all we can do is wait for an official announcement for reprint, but I am not holding my breath for it to be within the next month since their priority will be the newer titles for March.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, forgot to point out at:

>Going back to Fire Emblem, not shortly after the demo was finally released did Gamestop and many other stores put a halt on preorders. This kinda raises suspicion but alone isn't at all convincing.

It's possible that after the demo a spike for preorders that exceeded print occured which was cause for the halt. So even with the usual tinfoil hattery, it's difficult to spin this thing in such a light.

Anonymous said...

The game has been out for a month now, and Amazon is OoS (with the cheapest 3rd party seller pricing it at $60). Best Buy is out of stock in every store in a 100 mile radius. My local Wal-mart has 1, every other one is out of stock. Every Gamestop in a 50 mile radius is out of stock.

This is not an accident, this is Nintendo being a dick. They have had ample time to reprint and fill orders, and they haven't. If this is how they plan to drive up their digital purchases I'll just sell my 3DS/WiiU right now and put it towards a PS4.

Anonymous said...

I've checked all the retail stores in my area and..nothing.
I visited Target's page and it said that they were supposedly getting a new shipment on the 7th of March. A couple days late after the free DLC of course.

I visited my local Gamestop and it turns out the only copies they got in were pre-orders, and the employee tried to sell me the bundle. :I
Just yesterday, I got told that Nintendo is supposedly not manufacturing anymore.

I'm almost at the point where I'd rather get a digital copy, but the gamer in me would like to have a physical copy of the game with the nice box art and all. Us much as it'll suck, I might give them one last chance next week.

I'm with Anonymous before me. This run around is really beginning to piss me off.

Anonymous said...

Dont do it man. That is exactly what they want... to force people to buy digital. They planned this and if you buy into it you are just encouraging their behavior.

telepathy said...

It seems like it's back in stock. Check your stores.

Anonymous said...

Still not available in Canada, at least not anywhere near me. *grumble grumble*

Anonymous said...

Just found a copy at EB in Wasaga Beach Ontario Canada. It was however,sadly the last one

Anonymous said...

I was able to order from Game Stop -- they had no physical copies in, though. I find it ridiculous that it has been this long and it is still so hard to find.

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