Saturday, February 2, 2013

White Flocked Skylanders Figure Guide

The White Flocked Skylanders - White Stump Smash, White Eruptor, and White Prism Break - are the latest "chase figures" to be released and they are fetching $160-300 on the resale market.

What is a Chase Figure

Activision regularly releases rare variants of Skylanders figures in order to keep people interested in collecting the toys. These types of Skylanders are often referred to as "chase figures" because they encourage people to go to multiple stores trying to chase them down. Activision and retailers hope that during these multiple visits you will buy other Skylanders figures, some toothpaste, a DVD, pack of gum, or anything else.

What Is Unique About the White Flocked Figures

They are called White Flocked because they are a solid white color and they have a fuzzy texture to them (process is called flocking). The fuzzy white Skylanders behave just like normal Skylanders in the game.

How to Find Fuzzy White Skylanders Figures

This is the tricky part. If you see them in a store you will definitely notice them, but they are very rare. These variations were randomly inserted into boxes for the standard figures. A retailer might receive a box with 20 Eruptor figures inside and one of them could be a White Eruptor.

The exact ratio of standard figures to rare figures isn't know, but it is probably very low based upon the resale prices these figures are fetching online. See pictures of the White Flocked Skylanders below and the most recent resale prices.

White Eruptor | New Price: $170 | See Current Price


mndrix said...

It's clever that Activision randomly inserts these into boxes of normal items. That certainly adds to the aura surrounding the Skylanders figures.

Anonymous said...

At my Walmart there's some Walmart exclusive figures. They've gone clearance for $5. Its a creamy white that may be glow in the dark. Will they be collectable? I feel like buying a few of them. What do you think?

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - I don't believe those Glow in the Dark (GitD as people often refer to them) figures will be very rare. They could be good to fill your collection if you are a completionist, but with them being sold at every Wal-Mart in large quantities I don't think they will be very expensive at any point.

Anonymous said...

Git D figures in such large quantity's? ah, the hurt, in Australia, they were all "you can buy this when you buy the starter pack" specials

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