Thursday, February 7, 2013

Next Xbox Is Bad For Game Collecting

According to sources speaking with EDGE, the next Xbox console (sometimes referred to as Xbox 720) will require an online connection and not allow second hand game sales. If there are two worse features for game collectors I can't think of them.

The majority of the readers on this website probably have an NES or other classic console hooked up to their TV right now and play it 20+ years after it was launched. This wouldn't be possible with the next Xbox.

Soon after Microsoft cuts support for the Xbox, online servers will be turned off. Original Xbox was no longer supported on Xbox Live about five years after the 360 launched. If the console can't connect to the online servers because they don't exist, the console no longer works.

Stopping second hand game sales would hurt collectors as well. At some point Microsoft will stop selling the Next Xbox and retailers will stop carrying games. At that point the resale market becomes the only source of games. The last remaining new copies floating around will be the only ones you can actually buy to play.

You could buy used copies for display and collecting.. One of the great things about video game collecting is the ability to play what you collect. Next Xbox games would become like art, coins, or baseball cards - meant for display only.

As a game collector I hope Microsoft listens to all the negative press they are receiving for this decision and changes their mind before the console launches. They still have nine months or so fix this before the console is released.

What are your thoughts on the Next Xbox rumors?


Austin said...

I really hope they don't do this, I'm a huge Microsoft fan, and I love every one of their products, but in no way does this help anyone at all. It hurts players who no longer can buy the games second game, it hurts Microsoft, who, no doubt will lose people who will switch to a different company, and as you said, it hurts collectors who won't be able to play those games anymore, they'll only be available to display

ccc said...

Nintendo will recieve this as a gift. The Wii U, arguably next generation, does play used games. This would be terrible for gamers and mom/pop stores. Paying $60 for a game that has been out 3 years is bull. GameStop makes a ton off of used games their stock would be very hurt. I really hope this doesnt go through, I buy my maddens a year behind so I don't have to pay too much.

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously considering going 100% retro after this gen is over. The more I hear about the new XBOX and the PS4, the more and more I'm sure I won't buy them; no used games, online connection required. . .no thanks.

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