Friday, February 26, 2010

Most Expensive Game Ever Sells For $41,300

Most Expensive Video Game

Stadium Events has officially taken the crown as the most expensive video game ever sold. A sealed copy of the NTSC version of Stadium Events sold on ebay for $41,300!

This is more expensive than Nintendo Campus Challenge which sold for $20,100 or Nintendo World Championships Gold which sold for $21,400. The two previous record prices.

The seller of the game lives in Olathe, Kansas and had purchased the game brand new at a Richmond Gordmans, a department store in the midwest, for $29.99. They never opened it after they realized it needed a power pad to play. They never got around to returning it either (maybe the smartest decision they ever made).

The seller had a total return of 137,568% or 37.9% per year on this "mistaken" Stadium Events purchase. That's a better return than Apple, Microsoft, or almost any other investment you could make at the same time.

See historic Stadium Events prices and PAL Stadium Events prices. See other expensive Nintendo NES games

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Anonymous said...

The 'two previous record prices' are in fact incorrect.

Les said...

Wow, $40k for NES game.

I noticed you haven't got the Old school GameBoy pre-color in your list of systems, does that mean that it's ultra rare or that no one wants them? I got one and a handful of games.

Anonymous said...

This game is going for another record unless its just joke bids.

David Sanford Hesler said...

JJ, has there been any confirmation that the sealed Stadium Events was paid for. I know you had quite a bit of trouble selling your Gold NWC, so I imagine at twice the price wouldn't just go without hitch.

And Lee, you can find the prices for all Gameboy games under the Gameboy Color section. They are all grouped together.

JJ Hendricks said...


I've contacted the seller to ask him to confirm for me when the auction is paid for so we can know if it was a legitimate bid or not.

I will let everyone know.

JJ Hendricks said...

I have to think the price on that other sealed NES are joke bids. They are by people with 3 feedback, 16 feedback, 0 feedback, etc. The other auction had bids from people with 300+ to 1000+ feedback.

Much more reputable.

JJ Hendricks said...

The Gameboy and Gameboy Color are part of the same list and can be found here

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