Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stadium Events Version Guide | NTSC vs PAL

There are tons of stadium events auctions on ebay after an auction for Stadium Events and 4 other NES games sold for $13,105. Many of these auctions are for a game that is not that rare!

There is a NTSC Stadium Events which was released in the USA and quickly discontinued and is the more expensive version. There is a PAL Stadium Events too, which was released in Europe and is not as rare or expensive. Below is a buying guide so you know how to tell which Stadium Events version is which and don't get ripped off.

Stadium Events NES Version Guide PAL NTSC

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NTSC Stadium Events: Expensive Version

The NTSC Stadium Events is the more valuable and more rare version of the game. It sells for anywhere from $1,000 for just the game and $13,000 for the complete game with the box and instructions. Here's how you tell if the game is NTSC.

1. "Stadium Events" is written on one line on the cartridge
2. Nintendo Seal is a circle on the box and on the cartridge
3. The words on the packaging are always English (some PAL versions are English too)

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PAL Stadium Events: Cheap Version

The PAL Stadium Events is still a fairly rare game and pretty expensive too, but not compared to the NTSC Stadium Events. The PAL version sells for about $100 for the cartridge only to about $1,000 with the box and instructions.

1. "Stadium Events" is written on two lines on the cartridge
2. Nintendo Seal is oval shaped on the box and cartridge
3. The words on the packaging might be in German, Dutch or another language

See historic PAL Stadium Events prices


GamesOgre said...

Fantastic guide JJ! There are a ton of people trying hop on the coat tails of last week's rare sale of a complete NES NTSC Stadium Events game. Hopefully your guide will help people sort through the countless auctions that having popped up.

Anonymous said...

there are more obvious ways 2 tell

JJ Hendricks said...

What are the more obvious ways to tell the difference?

Anonymous said...

if you have one who will buy them instead of trying ebay

Anonymous said...

lol it was an amazing game, i had the power set bundle with the pistol, the carpet and the game with mario, shooting ducks and the world class track meet.

It was so fun play with my brother the game, i still have the carpet xD.

Unknown said...

someone stole my copy of stadium events in a box of games I had. I am very pissed and dont know which version it was. It was a long time ago & still pisses me off.

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