Tuesday, February 2, 2010

See Completed eBay Auctions on VGPC

Last night we added a new feature to VGPC that allows you to see a list of completed auctions on ebay without having to leave the site.

You visit any game page on the site (the ones with the price charts and price comparison between stores), for example we used the Chrono Trigger page.

Click the "details" link next to eBay comparison price (see the image below)

What does the Completed Auctions data show

Completed eBay Auctions
After a short loading time, you will see something similar to the image above with the:
* date the auction ended
* closing price
* the auction number with a link to view that listing

Why use this instead of a search on eBay for completed auctions?

EBay offers a completed auctions search that shows a list of past sales on their site. This can be really helpful for comparison shopping but our tool offers a few things that eBay's does not.

1. 90 Days of Data
EBay only shows data going back two weeks. For vintage games that don't sell very often eBay doesn't show many sales in this short time frame. 90 days worth of prices gives you more data to compare.

2. Faster Access to Prices
If you're already on VGPC pricing your games you can view completed ebay auctions in less than 10 seconds (we are working on making it even faster too). That saves you time compared to visiting ebay, searching, logging in, and clicking "completed auctions" link.

Choose a game and try this new feature out. As always let us know what you think. Do you want to see some changes? Is it helpful for you? We appreciate any feedback our users give us.


Xer0crash said...

This is a great feature.
Thank You!

JJ Hendricks said...

Xer0crash - we're glad you like this feature. It seems like it is a popular one. Lots of people are using it.

Please let us know if you want to see anything else added to this feature or changes we could make to improve it.

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