Friday, February 12, 2010

Top 10 Articles of 2009

2009 has come and gone. We want to thank all of our loyal VGPC blog readers for a great year. We had more visitors, more RSS subscribers, and more comments this year than any other. In case any of our readers missed some articles, below are the most popular articles of 2009.

Top 10 Articles on VGPC For 2009

Below is a list of the most popular articles we published on the blog during 2009 based on the number of pageviews.
1. How I Got Nintendo World Championships

2. Marvel vs Capcom 2 on XBL & PSN Lowers Resale Prices

3. Most Rare & Valuable Xbox Games

4. 2008 Game Publisher Resale Value Report

5. Earthbound NES Promo Cartridge

6. Most Expensive Nintendo NES Games

7. Gaming Holy Grail Is Up For Sale

8. Nintendo World Championship Gold Price Is Tracked

9. Greatest Video Game Garage Sale Ever

10. Scribblenauts Review E3 2009

Thanks again for the great year.


Unknown said...

I have a Atari game called Haunted House how much would it be worth

Unknown said...

About a dollar. It is a very common game.

Unknown said...

I have a 2600 Atari with 6 controller's and 5o game's how much is that going for. I'm trying to sale it but not sure what it's worth. This is a few of the game's I have Pac-Man ,Miss Pac-Man, Raiders of the Lost Ark, River raid, star voyage, Atlantis, asteroids, Space Invaders, sword Quest, Donkey Kong, Star Wars Return of the Jedi death battle, centipede, joust, Mario Brothers, pitfall. Do you know how much just those games are worth.

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