Friday, November 21, 2008

Adult Preorder Bonus For House of Dead Wii [SFW]

Sega of Europe announced today that they are releasing an adults only pre-order bonus for House of the Dead Project Overkill for Wii. The pre-order gets you: the game, a special bundle cover, and the uncensored graphic novel "Prelude to An Overkill".

This is a great collector's item for any of our European readers.

Unfortunately the special bonus has not been announced in the US. You can always import, but Wii's are region locked so you couldn't play the game. But maybe the graphic novel is worth it to you. And you can always buy the US version when it comes out too. I'm crossing my fingers that Sega America announces a similar preorder plan in the United States.
Wii House of Dead Overkill Cover
Wii House of Dead Overkill Graphic Novel

Thanks to our friends over at Sega Nerds for this information.


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I hope Sega comes to the party...xD

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