Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Extremely Rare Nintendo World Championship 2 Cartridge

Nintendo World Championship 2 Cartridge
There is a one of a kind, extremely rare collectors item on ebay right now. A Nintendo World Championship II cartridge. Only 32 were ever made, but Nintendo destroyed all except this one according to the Nintendo employee who originally sold this.

The cartridge was used as part of the PowerFest 94 competitions that Nintendo held across the US. It was used to promote the launch of the Super Nintendo and has levels from 3 different games and can only be played for 6 minutes.

The list price is $50,000 so if it does sell it will be one of the most expensive video game collectibles ever. Follow the auction yourself or maybe place a bid if you have an extra $50,000.


Anonymous said...

why would you want this?

Anonymous said...

stfu... why wouldnt you, this is a piece of gaming history, i'd kill to get this

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was relisted for $15k.

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