Thursday, November 13, 2008

Persona 2 Reprint $40, Christmas Comes Early

Atlus is giving an early Christmas present to all the good little video game collector's out there. They are reprinting Persona 2 for Playstation 1. Available only on for $39.99. The game sells for $170 sealed on the resale market so $40 is a steal.

This reprinting is not going to last long. It will be interesting to track the prices and see how they change with this new inventory. The change in the price will definitely depend on how many units Atlus is going to sell through Amazon.

Gamers get this game on the cheap while you can. Below is the price chart showing Persona 2's price the last year. As you can see it has only been going up.

Thank you Chris for this tip.

UPDATE: Amazon already sold out. This was too good of a deal for people to pass up. Congratulations to those you got them.


Anonymous said...

God dammit, I missed it.

CidSaijin said...

ye i was lucky to actually grab TWO!

JJ Hendricks said...

CidSaijin - I think the question on everybody's mind is what are you doing with the 2nd copy. And how much will you sell it for?

mndrix said...

Wow! That went quickly. I don't think that'll have much effect on the market price since the reprint volume was obviously way below the demand.

CidSaijin said...

@ JJ Hendricks

I have no idea at the moment...I might give it as a gift to one my RPG lovin friends..or I might sell it, it really depends on how much money I have to buy Christmas presents when the time comes :-D

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