Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vote on Amazon Video Game Deals

Last year Amazon started their Customer's Vote promotion where Amazon customers choose what they want to be on sale. I think it is a pretty cool promotion so I voted last year. To my surprise I got an email telling me the laptop I voted for was the winning promotion and I was one of the lucky 500 who could buy it for $699 when the regular list price was about $1,300. Needless to say I voted again this year.

The items you can vote for aren't quite as exciting this year, a laptop, some cellphones, night-vision goggles, and the Soprano's collection. The interesting round for gamers though is Round 1: Playstation 3. You can vote on 3 different PS3 bundles with games and Blu-Ray movies starting at $199.

You have to vote to be eligible to buy the winning items so vote now. Be sure to come back and let me know if you win. I don't think lightning will strike me twice.


Travis Hendricks said...

I wouldn't mind getting a chance to purchase LBP, Pirates, and a PS3. That's a pretty sweet deal. Let's hope lightening hits me this year.

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