Thursday, November 13, 2008

VGPC Has Faster Console Pages

Regular visitors might have noticed some changes to the console pages on VGPC over the last month. The ones with all the games and prices listed for NES, Wii, Xbox 360, etc. We've made the pages load faster, a lot faster.

Some Load Times: Then & Now
PS1 price list: Then - 26 seconds to load. Now - loads in 4.8 seconds.
SNES price list: Then - 14 seconds. Now - 2.8 seconds.
Dreamcast price list: Then - 9 seconds. Now - 1.6 seconds.
Playstation 2: Then - 31 seconds. Now - 6.4 seconds.

We made these changes because we were getting frustrated ourselves when we used the price lists and it took so long to load. If we're getting impatient with our own site, other users must feel the same way. Now you can find prices for all your games and still have time to play them too.

You can still sort and filter the data the way you could before. Just click the "sortable and filterable" link or one of the table headings.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I remember some of the pages taking AGES to load, and now its done loading by the time I switch to the tap. Most impressive.

telepathy said...

BIG FREAKING NEWS for anyone interest in collectible PS1 games:

"To commemorate the upcoming release of Persona 4 and to thank you for your interest, dedication, and support of the SMT series over the years, Atlus is digging back into its treasured vault to reprint one of its greatest classics: Persona 2: Eternal Punishment"

this is a (& .ca) exclusive. New & very short quantity. Better buy them up!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, did they sell out of Persona 2 reprints already? I just checked both and and they neither are selling it anymore.

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