Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bubble Bath Babes on Ebay

Bubble Bath Babes
There's an auction on ebay for Bubble Bath Babes. These don't come up for auction very often so we wanted to make sure the NES collectors knew about it.

Using our handy last sale lookup feature, you can see Bubble Bath Babes sold for $511 back in December but the game usually sells for an average of $600 or so.

I'm interested to see if the craziness around Stadium Events will increase prices for other rare Nintendo games too. We'll find out in 8 days when the auction ends.


MW said...

I don't know why colored NES cartridges make me smile, but they just do. I like variety. Everything looks the same nowadays for console games.

This guy's extremely expensive, but he's making everything himself from scratch, and multi-colored. And he's making those rare games that people think are worth billions. Maybe they should get the cover version before buying the real thing, ya know?

JJ Hendricks said...

Matthew - I own a few of those cartridges from RetroUSB. They are good quality but the customer service is really bad. If anything goes wrong with your order it is next to impossible to get it fixed.

MW said...

I figured that much, which is why I've never "risked it", and tried buying something. I read his FAQ page the first time I found his site, and it was really off-putting. He's since made it more professional, but back then, he made it out like he was doing you a favor by selling you NES games. He just seems to have a bad attitude.

Oh well, that's what happens - people pick up the slack for lousy sellers. He may make original stuff, but if he isn't trustworthy, in the CS department, he's wasting everyone's time.

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