Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nintendo Announces New Handheld, Nintendo 3DS [Update]

Nintendo today announced their new handheld system, the true successor to the Nintendo DS, dubbed Nintendo 3DS. The new system, no pictures were released yet, is said to have 3D visuals with no need for glasses or headgear. Nintendo also promised to release it before March 2011.

The technology behind this system will use similar tech as a Japanese-only DSi release (see more here). The game uses the DSi front-facing camera to track head movement of the player. This allows the screen to move around, relative to the player's eyes, and move the object on a 3-dimensional field.

Fan created mock up. Not actual screen.

This new system was also rumored last week to have larger screens than the DSi, accelerometer(s), a processor as powerful as the GameCube and two screens close enough together that they seemingly act as one.

We are most interested in seeing the unique games Nintendo can make with this technology. And the combination of accelerometers and head-tracking could be really interesting.

Also, in typical Nintendo fashion, there will most likely be a few more secrets left for this little device. Remember the Nintendo DS initially wasn't said to have WiFi, a touch screen, or a microphone. Those are the secrets we're looking forward to the most with this announcement.

Look for more details to emerge at E3.


These details come from a GoNintendo article. These are to be taken as rumor for now.


- control stick instead of dpad
- rumble/force-feedback
- improved wireless speed and battery life
- accelerometer
- screens that are smaller than 4 inches (size of a Post-It note)
- timing on the announcement could be related to decreased software releases
- Nikkei expects release in second half of 2010

Yomiuri Shimbun

- "it is believed that the system will use a Sharp 3D LCD panel."
- this 3d tech is acheived by placing a small film on the screen, which is separated by a small space. The slight differences in the image creates the 3d effect

Mainichi Shimbun

- software developers have been briefed on the system
- third party software at launch


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