Monday, March 8, 2010

Splinter Cell Conviction Special Edition Xbox 360

Splinter Cell Conviction Xbox 360
Splinter Cell Conviction will be launching April 13th and Microsoft is making a special edition Splinter Cell Conviction Xbox 360 Elite that will launch the same day.

The Special Edition bundle include the game, special artwork on the box, two controllers, a 250GB hard drive, and everything else you would get in an Elite 360 package.

The price is $399 per console, but other special edition consoles like the Resident Evil 5 Elite Console sell for more today than they did when they first launched if they are new, and about $100 less than retail if it is used.

This seems to be a new pattern with Microsoft and big releases. Final Fantasy XIII 360 comes out tomorrow and I'm sure games like Halo Reach will have their own special editions bundles too.

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