Friday, March 5, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Elite
Square-Enix and Microsoft are teaming up to offer a Special Edition Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Bundle.

This definitely has a good chance of becoming a collector's item. It's an RPG, a special edition console, and did I mention it's Final Fantasy? The bundle includes Final Fantasy XIII game, a white Xbox 360 Elite, a 250GB hard drive, and all the accessories you would usually find with a 360 Elite.

The price will be $399 and it launches with the game on March 9th.

Resident Evil 5 Special Edition Bundle still sells for about $450-500 if its new and I wouldn't be surprised if the FF13 bundle keeps its value just as well.

Source: Amazon


CidSaijin said...

I would like to see the sales reports for the 360 version vs PS3 version before I make any assumptions that such a LE will turn into a collector's item. I'm predicting poor sales for the 360

JJ Hendricks said...

I bet your right that the 360 version of FFXIII will sell worse than the PS3 version, but I don't know if that will affect the resale price of the Limited Edition console.

Even if retailers has to heavily discount the consoles to sell them, they will still be limited editions and in a year or two will probably be expensive again. I don't anticipate Amazon or any other retailers discounting these though.

I would love to know how many of these are being made.

telepathy said...

Unfortunately, i found this "limited edition" to be dissapointing as it's more or less just a game bundle w/the only really final fantasy thing about the system is that the hard drive has FFXIII written on it. I would've rather had the 'Lightning' white/pink PS3 that was only sold in Japan. That to me was a superior limited edition.

JJ Hendricks said...

Chris - I agree, that this "limited edition" and the Splinter Cell one are not as good as they could be. The consoles themselves are pretty much the exact same as a regular edition but the box is a bit different and there is a game inside.

The Resident Evil 5, Halo 3, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 were actually custom consoles too.

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