Monday, March 15, 2010

Most Expensive Xbox Console is Evidence in Crime

Xbox Evidence in Sheila Dixon Trial
The most expensive Xbox I've ever seen was also state's evidence in a court case. The Xbox 360 that was purchased by ex Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is now selling for $3,000 on ebay.

Sheila Dixon was the Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland from January 2007 until January 2010 when she resigned from office following her indictment on 12 counts including perjury, theft, and misconduct.

Coincidently an Xbox 360 was featured during the trial as evidence because Ms. Dixon had purchased the console using gift cards that were supposed to be distributed to needy families. As part of the plea agreement the State of Maryland gets possession of the Xbox 360, Need for Speed game, and some other items that they can auction on ebay.
Sheila Dixon Plea Agreement Xbox

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The Xbox 360 looks just like a regular 20GB 360 Console, but it has a big red evidence sticker on the front. The winner will be able to see if Ms. Dixon unlocked any achievements on Need for Speed, what save files she has, and who her Xbox Live friends might have been. Maybe National Enquirer is bidding on the Xbox so they have some tid-bits for a future story.


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