Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Compare Game Listings from Ebay, Amazon, & Half

VideoGamePriceCharts has always shown comparison prices for ebay, Amazon, and Half.com so you can see which sites have the lowest prices on average. But you had to visit each site to see the current prices and choose the exact game you wanted to buy.

Our new "Compare Live Listings" feature on VGPC allows you to compare live video game listings from ebay, Amazon, and Half.com without ever leaving the site.

Below is a video showing how the new feature works and some images of the feature in action:

Link to Compare Live Listings
Compare Live Video Game Listings

Pop-up Showing VGPC is Finding Live Listings
Compare Live Video Game Listings Search

List Showing Live Listings From ebay, Amazon, and Half.com
Compare Live Video Game Listings

Benefits of the Compare Living Listings feature
1. SAVE TIME - compare prices from one location with one click
2. All listings sorted by condition - only shop for the condition you want
3. Sorted by price - know you're getting the best deal
4. Read the description - know what you're getting before you buy it

Try the new feature today and afterwards let us know what you think by taking a brief survey


Christopher said...

The longer I keep looking for a decent php coder to employ, and the amount of new features you're churning out on here while I lag behind, the more I realise - my sister sucks. Why could she not learn php instead of selling "adult" goods :( JJ, you're a lucky man. But geez, ease up on the updates will ya? Haven't even got used to the completed listing view yet... :)

Meh, good job. Very handy update. if I weren't o. An iPhone, I'd even go check it out ;) Can't even get the damn video to play...

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